Exercises While Traveling

For the frequent travelers and those going on long distance flights, the travel can be quite bothersome. If you are flying economy class, it is actually quite cramped and you will have very little room for your legs. The seating space is very tight and most people feel quite uncomfortable. Sitting for long periods of time can actually cause certain problems in your body.

It is very difficult for everyone to travel first class and business class which is where you will have more room. If your flight is delayed, the problems will only get worse.

Flying often causes dehydration in passengers due to the dropping of the air pressure. It is very important to not only drink enough but plenty of water and other fluids.

If you have been sitting for a long period of time, stand and walk down the aisle or you can even stretch the legs and rotate your feet clockwise and anti clockwise.  Another exercise you can do to ease your discomfort and stiffness while you sit in your seat is to hold  your knees and gently pull them towards your chest. It is also beneficial to move your toes up and down while you are in the sitting position itself. This will help improve circulation and also keep your feet from becoming numb.

Another exercise which will not disturb and annoy other passengers would be to hold your hands above your hands and stretch as high as you can. Do this six to seven times. You can also do shoulder rotations simply by sitting in your chair. get up from your seat once in a while and holding your seat just move your torso round and round. Place your hands on your waist and bend sideways and also backwards and forwards.

Most people are uncomfortable ad you will find that you are not alone. It is also very important that you walk between your meals and stand for a while. go on your tiptoes so that you can also stretch your calves. It is very important to do these exercises as you can find yourself getting symptoms of deep vein thrombosis.