Exercising with A Fitness Ball

Not all exercises need to be with a racket or by aerobics or running and walking. There is another way of exercising by which all you  need is a ball. It is best to use what is called a medicine ball or a fitness ball. This is slightly larger than a normal ball and much heavier than the regular ball. You need to be very careful while using the ball, as if you drop it on your legs, you can injure yourself.

Exercises using a ball improve your reflexes a great deal and also improve your eye hand coordination. These exercises require no running. Simple exercises using the ball would be to hold the ball in your hand, and lift your arms to a ninety degree angle. Do this not more than ten times.

Hold the ball in your hands and drop the ball down and quickly squat and try and hold the ball after one bounce. You should do this ten times.

You can hold the ball using both your hands and throw the ball as far as you can. You would require a lot of strength for this.

Keep a mat on the ground. Keep your knees bent and put your arms on top of your head. Now raise one leg and lift your body with the ball. Move towards that leg. This is almost like doing an abdominal crunch, but it is a lot more difficult and effective.

For the net exercise, ask someone to help you and sit on the ground. Your backs should be facing one another. All your need to do is pass the ball from the side to the other person and he will pass it back to you in the same way on the other side. Try and go faster and faster as you proceed.

Another way to increase your arm strength is to stand holding the ball and rather than throw it in front of you use a lot more strength and throw it behind you. Standing holding the ball, spread your legs apart slightly. Throw the medicine ball through your legs again as far as you can. Make sure you do not roll the ball.