Exercising with a Partner

If you find exercising very boring try doing it with a partner. You will actually land up enjoying yourself during the routine and feel quite relaxed.  You need to understand your partners body all through the routine.

The first exercise is almost like a massage. Your partner stands behind you and moves your arms up and down. Now change positions and do the same for your partner. For the next exercise stand facing each other and hold hands so that your arms are outstretched. Using each other for support bend forward so that your heads touch and hold the pose for a few seconds before going back to the original position. You are actually doing standing push ups.

Now stand with your back facing each other and keep your arms outstretched beside you. Hold each others hands and bend to one side and hold the pose for a few seconds and repeat on the other side. All through your routine you and your partner should be aware of your partners body and work as a team. You should be able to judge how much each one is capable of.

Your next exercise would need both of you to sit down with your backs facing each other. Entwine your elbows together and one partner needs to bend forward so that the other stretches. Do this 10 times before the other partner does the same thing.

Now sit with the soles of your feet together; your legs must be straight. Now hold hands and lift your legs together with your partner. This is not very easy and will require a lot of tries before you do it. Your hands are supporting you through the exercise so do not leave hands till you bring your legs down.

Stand up again with your backs facing each other. Entwine your arms at the elbow again. One partner should lift the other off the ground gently and bring them back down. The other partner repeats the same thing.

Working with a partner is a lot more fun as you are working as a team and each one is complimenting the other.