Finger Exercises

We only think of exercising our body as a whole. There are some  people concentrate on working out their abs, some their legs and do selected workouts. But what about our fingers. We are constantly using them at work whether we are on the computer or if our job requires a lot of writing. Children also use their fingers quite a bit for writing. So it is a good idea to pay a little attention to those ten fingers as well and give them a bit of exercise.

Open your fingers out and feel the stretch as much as you possibly can. Bring them back together and repeat this a few times. Again with your fingers open gently bend and flex each individual finger at a time and hold the pose for a few seconds. Do not crack your fingers as most people do as this causes pain in the finger joints later on in life. Massage your fingers in a gentle rhythmic motion everyday.

Entwine your hands together and stretch your hands out in front of you so that you can feel a pull on your fingers. Whenever you are sitting idle just open and close all your fingers for a few minutes. This is possible to do no matter how busy a schedule you have. Next exercise you can do is to rotate each finger individually in a clock wise and then an anti clockwise direction till you finish all ten fingers.

These exercises are so simple that you do not need to find time in the day to do them. They can be done easily anywhere even when you are sitting and working. Children should be encouraged to exercise their fingers due to the amount of work they may be doing in school. This practice should become a habit in their lives.

People who suffer from arthritis will find that their fingers are changing shape so do all these to try and prevent problems that may come later. Also press your nails so that you improve the blood circulation throughout your fingers. Your hands are amongst the first things that people notice so take care of them.