Five Super Secrets To Keep Gallstones at Bay!

An excess of cholesterol or bilirubin deposition in the gall bladder leads to the development of gallstones. Overweight people and those who follow faulty eating practices are extremely vulnerable.

The inability of the body to flush gall bladder, liver and kidney is one of the biggest factors for development of gallstones. This could be due to decreased intake of water. This condition causes dehydration.

Therefore, there is an unwanted accumulation of several waste substances including cholesterol and bilirubin in the gall bladder. These waste products crystallize into stones.

Many people fail to realize that this condition is easily preventable. Flushing your body with sufficient quantities of water and maintaining a normal weight with a healthy diet is the secret formula to have a “gallstone free” life.

Unfortunately, many people do not recognize the importance of including the right type of foods for preventing gall stones. So read on to discover five super secrets that will help keep gallstones at bay:

1) Fiber Power:

Water soluble fiber rich foods are amazing detoxifiers. They help your body build up roughage, improve digestion and prevent unwanted waste products from getting deposited.

Fibers help in disposing waste products in the best possible manner, without leaving any type of unwanted residue in the body. These fibers also help kidneys to function normally.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in water soluble fibers. Include at least four to five servings of fruits and vegetables (preferably with skin) to get the much needed fiber power in your diet.

Cucumbers, carrots and beetroots are some examples of water soluble fiber sources. Brown rice, brown bread and oatmeal are preferable over refined or polished products.

Dried fruits like plums, dates and raisins are excellent sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. They also aid in digestion and could be consumed liberally. Oranges, bananas, strawberries and blueberries are also good sources of fiber.

2) Water – Water Everywhere!

This is the most important detoxifier. The amazing miracles of water are infinite. From getting a clear skin to detoxifying your internal system, water has a magical solution to everything.

Water helps flush out unwanted toxins, cleansing your internal system in the most natural manner possible, thus preventing the very possibility of developing gall stones.

So all you have to do is drink water irrespective of whether you are thirsty or not. You do not have to wait until your brain sends thirst signals to grab a glass of water. Drink water anytime and anywhere to feel the difference in your health.

3) Weighty Woes:

Gallstones are a common health disease in obese people. This shows a strong correlation between excess weight and gall stone formation. So if you are overweight, look at alternative means to reduce the amount of high calorie foods in your diet. This can be achieved by not binging whenever you look at food.

If you hate exercising, simply move around more regularly, walk whenever possible instead of using your vehicle and use the steps instead of taking an elevator. You might run out of breath initially but you will get used to it eventually. Increase your metabolic rate by eating small meals at regular intervals.

Watch what you eat. You can maintain a diary for this purpose. This way, you will realize how much food you overate and how many times you did this everyday. Bring about these small modifications in your lifestyle to see a significant change in your weight.

4) Say No to Alcohol:

Alcohol has been credited for causing gallstones among a large number of patients. This risk increases with obesity. So if you are overweight, stop drinking alcohol right now if you are looking to lead a gallstone free life.

5) Thumbs Down to Frying:

Fried foods are responsible for obesity. They also cause digestion related problems. Frequent belching, constipation and delayed digestion makes you feel uncomfortable. People suffering from gallstones generally complain of belching. Fried foods release excess enzymes making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

So say no to fried foods. And say yes to baking, boiling and pressure cooking. These methods of cooking help preserve a large number of nutrients. They also make use of less oil.

Follow a balanced diet to detoxify your kidneys and liver. Cut down on cholesterol and drink lots of water to prevent the likelihood of developing gallstones.

Nasmeera Firdous