Foods for a Breastfeeding Mother

It has been said time and again, that a mother needs to be really taking care of her diet when she is pregnant. She needs to make sure that her intake and consumption of food is balanced and is rich in all the nutrients required by the body. Most mothers do that, because they understand that this will help in the healthy growth and development of the child. However, one common mistake that most mothers do is to become laidback during the breastfeeding or the lactation period.

A lot of mothers are eager to lose weight and get back in shape again after pregnancy, because of which they follow some kind of weight loss regime during lactation and stop consuming calories. But the fact is, that a mother needs more calories during lactation, as compared to the pregnancy period too! This is because more of carbohydrates and calories in your body get used up for the production of breast milk.

You need to make sure that your body does not start to feel stressed because of the baby’s demand for breastfeeding. Hence, you need to consume a lot of pulses for proteins, along with fresh fruits and vegetables for various minerals. You must also include in your diet fresh fruit and vegetable juices, along with a lot of milk and milk products for calcium. Vitamin C is really important for lactating women, which can easily be increased in your diet with the help of lemon, citrus fruits etc. For increasing the intake of iron, you can increase the intake of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli etc. Fish can also be consumed by non-vegetarians for their protein requirement.

Overall, a healthy diet will ensure that the production of breast milk and the lactation for your baby happens smoothly. Mothers who wish to lose weight post pregnancy should not worry, because lactation automatically causes a lot of weight reduction. Once lactation is over, then you can think of starting with some kind of weight loss regime that includes dietary changes as well as exercising. But do not take any massive steps during breastfeeding, as it might affect the health of the baby.

Ridhi Rajpal