Front Raise Arm Strengthening Exercises For Seniors

Front raise arm strengthening exercises are an extremely common exercise group and are practiced by all ages. You must have heard about these exercises. Isn’t it? However, people do not pay attention to each and every step of the exercises.

Strengthening Exercises For SeniorsWell, it is not at all a difficult task, not even for the seniors. You should definitely learn the correct techniques before practicing front arm raise. These workouts are very important for improving the strength and stamina of the seniors.

Importance of Front Arm Raise Strengthening Exercises For Seniors

Front raise arm strengthening exercises are extremely beneficial for the senior group. They should practice these exercises daily in order to make the muscles strong and flexible. This enhances the durability of the muscles and hence, helps in protecting the bones better.

The resistance offered during these workouts help in increasing the bone density of the shoulders. Several benefits are received due to these dense bones. Some of them include osteoporosis prevention, improved balance and posture and less damage from injuries.

The Exercising Procedure

First of all, you should stand straight with your feet placed shoulder width apart. You should take a dumbbell in each palm and rest them on your knees. Now, lift the dumbbells one at a time in front of you and then, slowly bring them back to the initial position.

Strengthening Exercises For Seniors


You can either lift it straight up to the head or keep it parallel to the ground. You should slightly bend your knees and elbows while performing the exercises. It is recommended to repeat the process for 10-15 times with each hand.

Importance Of Dumbbells In The Exercise

Dumbbells play an important role in the front raise exercises. It helps in adjusting the resistance level accepted by the body. Thus, it is very important to use a light weight at the beginning of the workouts. As you gain strength, you can increase the amount of weight in order increase the resistance offered while weight lifting.

Front Raise Along With Machines

You can also perform front raise exercise with the help of a cable machine. You should stand in front of the machine with your back facing it. Now, hold the cable tube in your hand and lift it gently. You should stay in this position for a second and then, return to initial position. You can also adjust the cable’s resistance as per your capacity.

Some Important Tips

The seniors should specially keep these tips in mind while performing the exercises. It may be too exhausting or difficult to balance yourself while lifting the dumbbells. Well, you can make yourself comfortable by sitting on a chair.

Your joints will not be locked if you keep your knees and elbows slightly angled off. This will help in preventing any kind of injuries, especially shoulder dislocation.

You should practice correct breathing, i.e. inhaling while lifting the dumbbells and exhaling while putting them down.

You should consult a doctor to check whether you have heart problems, shoulder injuries, high blood pressure, etc. before performing the exercises.