Get Fit Workout for Housewives

Women who are stay at home moms or simple housewives can do these easy exercises at home any time during the day. Just make sure you get into your exercise clothes and finish all chores before you start . Twenty minutes a day is all you need.

Stand with your neck against the wall and keep tour hands up. Keep tour legs together and stand on tour feet. Using the wall for support get down into a squatting position and hold the pose fop a few breadths. slowly stand up again and repeat this a few times.

Next is to get into a ballet pose that is on your toes. Again with your back against the wall  do the squats using the wall for support. Go up and down on your toes.

Another exercise is to lie on the ground and lift your back and shoulders off the ground keeping your shoulders on the ground for support. Lift your legs up high and in slow rhythmic movements criss cross your ankles. Do this for at least twenty counts and take a break and start again. You can do at least five sets of twenty each. In the same lying down position you can do cycling in the air. Do about five sets of it taking small breaks in between.

Another great exercise for you is to stand with your arms wide and bend your self forward. Lift one leg and balance yourself for a few seconds and then change legs. Similarly stand keeping your hands outstretched in front of you and place a chair behind you. Lift one leg and place it on the chair and bend your leg and do some crunches. Change legs and repeat.

Try kickboxing in the air as well; working with one leg at a time. Doing these exercises will make you feel good and keep you in good shape. But make sure that when you are working out at home you are not disturbed by the kids and are free from all interruptions. Do them while you are watching the television or play some music to get in to a rhythm.