Give Your Body A Good-Night’s Sleep

Sleep is quintessential in our lives. Our body cannot function for long if we deprive it of a proper sleep. After a long days work, it is during the sleep time that our body rejuvenates itself. Sleep has its affects on our physical and mental health and it is very important for the normal functioning of all the systems of our body. It is the time when all the tissues and muscles of the body are relaxed, repaired and revitalized.

Today’s hectic work schedules and long working hours make your sleep more of a luxury than a necessity and people end up giving their bodies less time for relaxation. However it is not true, in fact a good sleep is even more important when you make your body work so much. Deprived sleep may have adverse effects on your body and also mind. While you think sleeping to be a waste of time and that one can utilize the same time for something more productive, one tends to ignore its effects. Lack of sleep make you drowsy and irritable, you tend to feel tired and lethargic resulting in lower productivity.

One must have a good night’s sleep of at least 8 to 10 hours. Especially teenagers who want to stay awake till late night and sleep till late in the morning but are not able to because of the school and study schedule. Sleep deprivation in teenagers is, most of the times, short term when they stay awake till late for studies or a party. It becomes chronic only when one starts adopting such a lifestyle or with people involved in professions which requires them to work for long hours, are overburdened with responsibilities. When stress runs high, one tends to compromise with their sleep and make time for their work. One should not do this as body needs a sleep desperately for the restorative process.

It is a matter of fact that sleeping is as important as breathing but its importance is overlooked by some. So don’t fall into this trap and give your body all that it needs to keep it going.

Give Your Body A Good-Night’s Sleep