Good And Bad Carbs: What Are The Sources And How Do They Affect?

Carbohydrates or carbs constitute an essential part of our diet but like all other nutrients, they should be taken in the right proportion. There are good and bad carbs, which are otherwise known as simple and complex carbohydrates. To know more about good and bad carbs, read through the sections below.

Good Carbs – Their Sources And Effects

The primary sources of good carbs or complex carbohydrates are whole grains and legumes. To ensure that your diet consists of good carbs, you need to take in brown rice instead of white rice. You need to stop taking in white pasta and substitute it with whole-wheat pasta.

Good carbs have low glycemic load, which means that their longer chains of sugar molecules take considerable amount of time to break down. Hence, they release more energy, although in smaller amounts throughout the day. This keeps you going the whole day.

Bad Carbs – Their Sources And Effects

The sources of bad carbs or simple carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, cookies and cakes. Fruits and vegetables have fiber which slows down the digestion of sugar molecules within your body, thus releasing energy in small quantities just like the complex carbs. So, even though fruits and vegetables are bad carbs, yet you should consume them.

However, the other sources of bad carbs consist of easy-to-digest basic sugar molecules which provide very little value to your body. These are lower in fiber and higher in sugar. As a result, these sources of bad carbs are not healthy for your body.

To stay away from simple or bad carbs, you need to limit your intake of sugar, white rice, pastries, soda, artificial syrup and candy. You should avoid eating too much of white bread and potatoes (that act as simple carbohydrates within your body). However, baked potato, regular pasta and white rice are still better for your health compared to the negative effect that bad carb sources like chips, cakes and cookies may have on your body.

Good and bad carbs can be distinguished by the ingredients listed on the package of the food item. If the ingredients are whole-oat flower, whole-wheat flour or fiber, you should know that it’s a good carb food. To make sure that you don’t take in bad carbs, avoid low-nutrient dessert and go for whole grains, vegetables and fruits.