Gourgane Soup In British Style

Gourgane is a quite familiar name in the health-conscious people. You may know them as ‘wetland beans’ or ‘broad beans’. If you are not aware about this vegetable, then here is some important information about it to make you well-known. This vegetable looks like the ordinary beans but too bigger in the size.

The flat beans are covered with the long shell.There is a fine film around the beans. The film has to be removed before eating. In spite of being rich sources of protein,it also has a great fibrous functional value.

Gourgane is sold frozen and fresh. Gourgane soup is a very traditional food. Having a large nutritional value, gourgane soup is recommended by the dieticians since a long time. This recipe can create many positive effects on human body.

Gourgane Soup In British Style

British gourgane soup is a quite popular name in the soup list.This recipe is a very classic too. The gourgane or the broad bean is the main ingredient of this recipe. The other primary ingredients are chopped meat and onions. As it contains both gourgane and meat, therefore the protein level of this soup is so high.

The common spices can be added to this soup to make it tastier. Sometime Butter and almonds are used to make it thicker. The garlic and thyme may also be added to the soup. You can go for adding few flavorings in this recipe. The British gourgane soup is not limited only in one region, but also spread over the world.

Recipe Of Gourgane Soup As Egyptian style

Egyptians also recognize the gourgane soup in their food list. Fool nabed is the name of the gourgane soup in Egypt. They make a thick soup from pureed gourgane. This soup contains parsley,cumin and garlic as the main ingredients.

The Egyptians add lemon juice in this soup to make more delicious. These ingredients that are combined with the gourgane need to be cooked and soaked properly.The Egyptian gourgae soup or fool nabed is a very old preparation of this region. They mainly recommend the soup for the patients or for the weak children. Side by side, this recipe is also taken be the people who are healthy also.

The Moroccan Gourgane Soup

The Moroccan has also enlisted gourgane soup in their diet recipe. They address this soup as bissara chorba. To make the soup, they use few ingredients along with the gourgane.

They use olive oil to make this recipe tastier and delicious. Salt, cumin, pepper are also used in it. The Moroccans add the common spices in this soup.

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The adequate utilization of spices and seasonings make the soup delicious and flavorful. They also include lemon as the ingredient in their recipe. The lemon brings here a pleasant taste so that no one can negate to try it.The all ingredients are boiled along with the gourgane to make it simple and digestive.

All the above recipes of gourgane soup are really very good to eat in daily basis. Now it is your turn to try the gourgane soup and enjoy the experience to have a healthy and tasty soup.