Handling Stress and Increasing Energy!

In this fast paced life we try to squeeze in 30 hours of work in a day, multi tasking and multi managing work, house, kids etc uses up your complete stock of energy. We rarely get to relax, resulting in high fatigue and stress and of course various illnesses related to stress. Instead of working for living we land up living for working.

There are few ways you can increase your energy level and reduce stress, after all you have one life to live you wouldn’t want to let it pass by without enjoying it a little even. Take time out for yourself, whether you are a man or a woman, married or single. Make it a point that you take off sometime for yourself every week and don’t let anything come in between that.

You can use this to do anything apart from what is included in your daily routine. Maybe go and pamper yourself at the parlor or spend the time with your friends. Eat healthy, don’t let yourself forget that you are working so hard and multi tasking so that you get to enjoy the sweet fruits of hard work.

Take good care of your health and do not skip any meals or make junk food your staple diet. Include fresh cooked food, fruits and vegetables and lots of water in your diet and you’ll notice a good change in your energy level.

If you think exercising will make you more tired or if you are getting enough exercise in your daily running around routine then you are wrong.

Even if you are not able to put in a complete workout session initially, opt for 30minutes of power walk daily and stretching exercises at least 4 times in a week. You will find and increase in stamina and will be surprised how fresh you feel after the initial muscle soreness. You can convince a friend or your spouse to accompany you and be each other’s motivational guide.

Do not compensate on your sleep time. The lesser sleep you get, the lesser time your body gets to power itself up leaving you feeling weaker and weaker day after day. Listen to good music it’ll immediately relax you.

Put an end to your internet addiction. This is becoming one of the main reasons of stress in people. You are so eager to catch up with your friends life online that you forget to look after your own. These tips are not highly impossible to inculcate in your daily routine, we just chose not to. Stress is a part of life, its how you deal with it and not make it your whole life that matters

Meera M.Das