Headache After Exercise

Some people get headache during or post workout. Exercise headaches are quite common and may occur due to several factors. Generally exercise headaches are experienced after nonstop and exhausting exercise.

Most common activities linked to exercise headaches are weightlifting, swimming, running, tennis, and rowing. Most often wrong exercise tactics may also give rise to headaches after exercise.

Different Reasons For Headaches After Exercise

Experts Classify Exercise headaches into primary and secondary exercise headaches. Primary exercise headaches cause no harm to you and can be avoided with medications. They are not related to any underlying problem. But secondary exercise headaches should not be ignored. They are often linked to an underlying problem. Sometimes, this problem may be grave such as brain tumor, bleeding in brain, or coronary artery disease.

Primary exercise headaches are typically throbbing and in most cases they affect both sides of head. They arise during or after an exhausting exercise. These headaches normally last for as short as five minutes and as long as two days.

In case of secondary exercise headaches, along with the symptoms of primary exercise headaches other symptoms such as vomiting, double vision, loss of consciousness and rigidity in the neck are also observed. These exercise headaches usually last longer – from one day to several days.

There may be different reasons for headaches after exercise but the most common reason is aggressive workout. Vigorous and strong movements for longer duration can lead to a headache. If you experience a throbbing headache post exercise then there is a probability that you are going wrong while following your exercise plan.

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How To Prevent Headaches After Exercise

If you suddenly change your exercise from a mild one to more vigorous then in this case you may experience a sudden headache after your exercise. If you frequently get headaches after exercise, it could be usually due to dehydration factor. This happens commonly during summer season or when you exercise in heat. If you do not consume adequate water throughout the day, you are more prone to get headaches after exercise.

You may also get headache after exercise if you exercise for longer duration without consuming adequate amount of food. This usually occurs when you exercise in the morning and after this you do not eat till afternoon. If you get a sudden headache after exercise, it may be a symptom of nerve injury. Hence, in case of persistent headaches after exercise, you must see your doctor.

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