Healthy Breakfast For Teens

Most of teens are not aware about their fitness and health. That is why they have to chase after the gym-instructors. They do exercises, workouts etc. to reduce their weight.Even they cut the breakfast off from their daily food routine. As you are the guardian, it is your duty to give them a clear conception about the necessity of the breakfast.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast helps them to reduce the excess weight and keep the body fit and fine. A healthy breakfast works as a fuel which provides energy to be active throughout the day. It is frequently seen that the teens who avoid taking the breakfast feel restless and tired in the morning.

Few Ideal Breakfasts For Teens

The whole grain cereals like oat which topped with the fruits are the most acceptable breakfast proven by the dieticians throughout the world. Adding 5 cups of yogurt can make it more appropriate.

The whole grain waffles with peanut butter, ricotta cheese or fruits is very useful too. The dieticians suggest the teens to have hot cereal with cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg as their breakfast.

The sliced hard-cooked eggs stuffed in whole wheat pita, the fresh fruit with peanut butter on a bagel, orange juice and a bran muffin with vegetable omelet are suggested to add to the breakfast list of the teens. The sugar cereals must be avoided during breakfast as well as the oily and spices food.

Some Other Type Of Breakfast For Teens

Very often you may notice that the continual breakfast list keeps the teens away from this. That is why you must have to create some changes in it. You can offer them cheese pizza, a toasted English muffin with lean ham on it and orange or vegetable juice.

They will really like these foods. In spite of these, they can also be served grilled vegetables with beans and topped with cheese, fruit juice and chopped apples, cinnamon, nuts with the heated leftover rice.

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Teens are very attached to the sandwich, when they get it as their breakfast meal. They won’t say ‘no’ to it. They also like pastas very much. If you serve pasta with hard-boiled eggs, they will not deny the breakfast. You can also try some Japanese or Chinese breakfast for them.

Advantages Of Healthy Breakfast For Teens

As the teens are more active than adults, so you should be conscious to serve proper breakfast in right time. If it is not the appropriate one, your teens may feel uncomfortable throughout the day. A healthy breakfast helps to keep the digestive system well.

The essential calorie which is needed for being active during the whole day is provided largely by the breakfast. The dieticians say that the healthy breakfast always helps to increase the thinking ability. The lowering blood cholesterol and a good start of metabolism are occurred by having the healthy breakfast.

The daily habit of breakfast maintains food habits. So, convince your teens to say ‘yes’ to the breakfast to be active for the day. You will see positive results in your teens if you can convince your teens to maintain good and healthy breakfast habit.

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