Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Everyday

Your day starts with the most important meal of the day-the breakfast. Most of us who rush to work in the morning often ignore the breakfast and snack our way to office. But this is the time of the day when your body needs the maximum of energy to continue the jobs that are scheduled.

You might feel that you are not in a mood to eat early in the morning, but take a note of the time you have your first meal of the day. If you don’t take the breakfast, you might find that the difference between your dinner and meal is approximately more than 15 hours!

That is why most doctors and experts suggest you must have the breakfast, even if you miss or skip the dinner. Your body digests things must faster in the morning as your system is fresh and metabolism is really high. There are many ways to a healthy ways to a perfect breakfast.

Consider some of the following essentials listed below that you can combine as per your ease to have the most filling nutritious breakfast every day. You can have something new daily without losing your taste.

The Essential Bread Breakfast

Most people identify bread synonymous to breakfast. Take four slices of bread with low fat milk and little fruits for the easiest and healthiest breakfast of the day. In case you are bored with the same white bread, take grain bread or even ginger bread. There are so many different varieties that you can eat something new every alternate day.

Eggs with Yoghurt

If you trying to gain weight, an egg breakfast is essential for you. Include some yoghurt in some exotic flavor like banana or strawberry. You can also include fresh vegetable and fruits in the yoghurt as per your taste. You can combine this meal with a cup of little warm milk, low on fat. Eggs, yoghurt and milk, together these three will boost up your energy levels. The essential

Fruit Breakfast with Yoghurt

If you are very conscious of how much you eat and keep counting the calories, a fruit breakfast is perfect for you. Combine some low calorie fruits with some calorie ones with some yoghurt. You can take mangoes, bananas and some kiwis and grapes together and kick start your day in the healthiest way.

The Oat Breakfast

Oatmeal is one diet that can be taken by one and all. It is something that is best taken with some skimmed milk and bananas. If you love dry fruits, you can top up your oats. This is high on all nutrients diet that doctors suggest for building the tissues and the muscles.

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Granola Breakfast

Granola breakfast have you ever heard about the granola breakfast. You can find it in the stores or can make it on your own. Take some rolled oats, add some brown sugar and some dry fruits and toast in the oven. You will get your own granola that can be stored easily and taken whenever you fell like with some skimmed milk.

The Butter Enriched Breakfast:

Whether you like low fat butter, peanut butter or simple white butter, you can make yourself and your family a delicious breakfast. Spread some of the butter on multigrain bread and some herbs and salt. Include some fresh orange juice with some sliced fruits and you will be readily charged up with energy.

Make yourself a sandwich

Whenever in between of the week, you feel that you have taken heavy dinner, take a sandwich for the breakfast. You can put in some veggies like cucumber and tomato, add a slice of cheese and some salad dressing and you will feel light no matter how much you bite. If you love having a little rich food, make a filling and grill the sandwich. You will have taste and health together.

The Salad Diet

Have you ever thought of going green? Yes, this is a fabulous idea to start the day with green salads that comprises of fruits and vegetables in the right combination. You don’t have to be vegetarian but you can include a piece of grilled or boiled chicken and make your food look more appealing. If you want to cuts the fats and not the tastes, you can take fishes like tuna. The diet will be healthy and much more protein packed.

Some Essential Tips

Making your breakfast in the morning might sound lazy but you can save some time by keeping things little processed. For example, in case you want to make a filling for your sandwich, ensure that you cook the essentials and keep it in the fridge.

You can just grill it in the morning. If you love making your own spreads, make them over the weekend and store. Do not forget to mix and match these above mentioned things. Sometimes you can have waffles as well which are highly tasty and combine them with two scoops of ice-cream and some jelly.

You can take yoghurt and simple on one day and take some vegetables the other day. Whatever you eat, ensure that you make a balanced breakfast every day. Do not overeat one day and skip the breakfast the very next day.

The way you look is very much determined by what you eat and how much you care for your body. People in the east countries like India take butter milk and cottage cheese stuffed homemade breads because they need to work hard manually. If you are the one who spends the mental energy, it is more essential that you take foods that enrich your body and simulates the mind.

Try taking your breakfast by 9 am in the morning and skip eating heavy things after 8 pm. You will see that your body metabolism will be much easier for you to understand and you will be able to control your cravings better. Do not take your first meal lightly; stay healthy with a happy breakfast that is well content of every nutrient for your body.