How Do Salads Help in Weight Loss

One of the most important dishes in a meal is salads. Although a very simple yet extremely nutritional and balanced appetizer that many people hate for its somewhat “dry” appeal, salad consumption makes one of the best ways to lose weight. Salads are very healthy food items, something that should be a part of everyone’s meal despite their liking or dislike for it.

There are quite a few reasons why salads should be added to a meal and here are a few:

Adding a salad to your meal immediately broadens your intake of foods. Although there may only be meat, potatoes and a salad for dinner, it is full of various kinds of vegetables and may be some fruits, adding more nutritional value to your health. A salad is an item, that even though is in front of you and isn’t appealing, the temptation is always there. Soon before you know it, you’re biting on the last piece of lettuce left in the bowl you were despising 15 minutes ago.

You do not need to be a chef and make an incredibly fancy salad with layers and layers of vegetables in complex stylish patterns. All you need is a tomato, carrot, beetroot, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce, or cucumber; all low in calories. To liven them up you can use curd or lemon as a salad dressing. If you feel ambitious you can go for French dressing or Thousand Island dressing; however remember that the point of the salad is vegetable consumption, and not fancy dressings.

Salads can very delicious for a few reasons. Once you have compiled and mixed all the vegetables cut in your personal way together, you are now free to mix them with your choice of dressing. The advantage salads provide over other meals is that once it feels low on dressing or a bit dry, you can always switch to another dressing in order to change the taste of the salad without having to re-make the whole dish. Of all the dishes made for dinner, salad is the easiest, the healthiest and helps you tone down by losing all the extra fat.

Ridhi Rajpal