How Much Cycling Is Required To Lose Weight

Cycling is one of the best exercises, which can be adopted for losing weight. It is a safe and easy workout for almost all kinds of people. The amount of cycling is directly proportional to the number of calories burnt during this exercise. This is, again, influenced by several factors. These factors are discussed in details in this article.

Daily Diet:

Our diet is directly associated with the amount of calories taken by our body. Therefore, it affects the amount of cycling required for weight loss. You will not be able to reduce enough amount of weight within a given period of time if you consume higher amounts of fast foods, foods rich in carbohydrates, etc.

However, you can lose weight with a proper amount of cycling if you maintain a well-balanced diet along with it.

Weight Of The Person:

The amount of cycling also depends on the weight of the person as it affects the number of calories burnt during cycling. A person having a heavier body weight can burn higher amount of calories than a person with moderate weight.

This happens as the person with more weight contains higher amount of fats in his body. For example, a person weighing 205 pounds can shed 375 calories whereas a person weighing 150 pounds reduces only 280 calories by cycling for thirty minutes.

Process Of Cycling:

The process of cycling is another factor, which influences the rate of cycling required for weight loss. It is the effort given by the body, which helps in weight loss. You can lose higher amount of calories if you cycle at a greater speed for a given period of time.

For example, a person weighing 155 pounds can burn 281 calories and 1130 calories by cycling for one hour at a speed of 10 miles/per hour and 20 miles/per hour respectively.

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However, you should always choose a suitable speed as too much speed can burn excessive calories at a time and may result into greater energy loss. The amount of weight loss also depends on the amount of cycling practiced on a cycling machine or by a cycle ride.

Amount of Weight Loss Targeted:

It is very important to understand the amount of weight loss required for your body. If you are not aware of the amount of excess calories consumed by your body, you will not be able to measure the amount of cycling required.

One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. Therefore, you will have to cycle for 50hours at moderate speed in order to reduce 10 pounds of fat, i.e. 35000 calories. Thus, you should first set a target of appropriate weight loss for your body.

Metabolism Rate Of The Body:

The rate of metabolism determines the amount of calories burnt by the body. If you have higher metabolism rate, it will burn more calories during cycling. Therefore, higher amount of cycling is required for a person having lower metabolism than a person having higher metabolism. The rate of metabolism generally increases with regular cycling and thus, you will burn more calories if you practice this exercise every day.

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