How To Build Extream Muscles

How To Build Extream MusclesBuilding extreme muscle is only for hard-core bodybuilders who want to look buff with ripped muscles and bulk. Bodybuilding requires a great amount of disciplined training for weeks before you actually start to see results. You may have to train for at least one and a half hour every day to see significant results. Eating high amounts of protein and calories is also required. This is how your schedule should look like in order to build extreme muscles.

How TO Build Extream Muscles

Weight Training Schedule

Dedicate at least 5 days a week for weight training. On day 1, work on your chest and triceps. On day 2 work on your back and biceps. Dedicate 1 full day for shoulders and one day for the lower body. Repeat any one body part on the 5th day but ensure that all muscle groups get equal attention.

Number Of Exercises Per Session

If you are working out for 1 ½ hour, suffice to say you can do at least 8-10 exercises for each of the muscle groups. This will ensure that muscles are overloaded, stretched, used and challenged in different ways. Use free weights and machine weights to target muscle groups. Do many compound exercises, which target 3-4 muscle groups at a time.

Sets And Reps

Intense bodybuilding to build extreme muscles requires you to train with heavier weights and lesser reps. Aim for very heavy weights, which are difficult and challenging and do at least 8-10 reps for each muscle group. Aim for muscle fatigue and failure. That means you will have to train until you cannot do even one more rep.

How To Build Extream Muscles

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Rest Between Sets

When you are training with very heavy weights, it is important to give the muscles sufficient rest in between workouts as they go through significant muscular atrophy. Give yourself at least a minute to rest those muscles in between sets.

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Using The Correct Amounts Of Weight

It is important to use the correct amounts of weights but it is also very crucial to do the exercise with correct form. If you use extremely heavy weights, there is a chance that you will compromise on the form and injure yourself. Ask your trainer the correct amount of weight with which you should be commencing training. Make progressions gradually. The golden rule is that if you can easily do 12 reps, the weight is too light and if you cannot do more than four reps than the weight is too heavy.


Nothing works as effectively as a diet when it comes to building large and extreme muscles. You will need to consume enough protein, roughly one gram for every pound of body weight. You will also have to take protein supplements like protein shakes and whey powder.

Include plenty of poultry, nuts and soy in your diet to see good results. Do have 3-5 helping of fruits and vegetables and at least three helpings of low fat dairy like milk and cheese. The above steps when followed with discipline and dedication will give you the body you desire in a span of a few months.

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