How To Eat Healthy And Nutritious Meals On A Budget

The minimum necessity of mankind is Food & Nutrition for healthy living. Every human being under the earth needs at least two Nutritious meals a day to become fit and able to work hard to earn the minimum wages which is sufficiently required to feed his or her family and the self.

It is true that everyone do not have the affordability to enrich their daily meal with costly foods. But there are many healthy foods that can be purchased with affordable cost. If you think that healthy foods are always costly,then you are absolutely wrong.

Fruits and vegetables are the most effective healthy foods that can be purchased by middleclass people also. Even the people of low income group can get required Nutrition according to their respective budgets.

Body Demands To Keep Fit

There are certain minimum nutrients required for every person. According to the recent guidelines of UNICEF & World Health Organization, a Healthy Human body needs certain Foods that are enriched with good amount of Vitamin and Minerals.

Such intakes are required for three different reasons like Building the Body and strengthen its structure, getting mental Satisfaction, and fulfillment of Social Demands.The quantum of Intakes will depend on the age and Body Weight.

The accumulation of the Vitamins, Minerals and the other Food Values are measured in terms of Calories. Calories intake will depend on the health condition of the person for whom the adequate Food and Nutrients are being thought of.

The Vitamins & Minerals – Human Body Needs

A grown Human Body needs the Vitamins like B-6, B-12, D, E and Vitamin K. The Mineral contents are Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium and Potassium and sufficient Calcium.

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Most of the human being takes birth with all the necessary contents of all ingredients. Shortage of any of the ingredient causes respective Physical and Mental difficulties and needs supplementation from outside as directed by Doctors.

Eatables And Diets Within Budget

As per the needs of the body every living animal develop their eating habits? Humans are also not the exceptions. You need to make a diet chart in which every low cost healthy food should be included.In Morning Breakfast you can take 2 pieces of Bread with Half Glass of Toned Milk and a fruit [One Boiled Egg if Possible.

you lunch should include 2 Chapattis, Small Portion of Rice, Daal, 1 mixed Vegetable having adequate Fiber,1 portion of Fish lightly Cooked and a small bowl of Curd. Enrich your dinner with 2 Chapattis, Portion of Rice, Portion of Vegetables containing fiber, a lightly Non- Spicy cooked Chicken Curry. All these foods are really very low cost.

You can get all kinds of nutrients from these foods.These are not only effective to provide energy in your body but also can make people able to keep away from disease.

If you maintain this healthy chart,you can see effective result within a short period of time. You should remember that the amount of foods in Both Lunch & Dinner should not be huge and should be easily Digestible.

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