How To Get A Better Toe Touch

Toe touch can be quite a difficult exercise to accomplish. However, it is extremely useful if you can excel in it. There are several forms of this exercise, which are used in various ways.

Toe touch is generally used in cheerleading, dance, sports, etc. It helps in making your body, especially your spinal cord, flexible and strong. It can even relax and strengthen the legs, arms and lower back.

You can get a better toe touch by applying suitable techniques, practicing regularly and using proper breathing exercises.

Stretching Exercises In Different Forms

Stretching exercises are most important for getting a better toe touch. You should practice each set every day for about 8-10 times.

Butterfly Stretch

You will have to sit with the base of your feet pressed together. Now, try to put pressure on the inner thighs by lowering your knees.

Front Bending

You will have to stand straight at first and keep your hands raised upwards. Then, bend your body and try to touch the feet with your fingers.

Side Stretching

You will have to stretch your legs to the sides and try to sit on the floor. You can use your hands for better support.

Sit and Stretch:

You will have to sit while keeping the legs stretched at the sides. Now, try to stretch your legs as well as your upper body by touching your feet with your fingers.

You can practice these exercises initially by placing some elevated objects like rollers, frame or towel under your feet. This helps in making the toe touch comfortable and easier for the beginners.

Some Other Related Exercises

Several other exercises are important for making your toe touch better. All the body parts are linked with each other and should, therefore, function properly during the exercise.

You should perform some cardio-vascular exercises in order to reduce weight, increase stamina and to make the body light. Some of them include running, skipping, jumping jacks, cycling, steppers, etc.

You should perform crunches in order to tone your abs and back muscles. This helps in bending during the toe touch. You should perform some leg exercises like squats and lunges in order to increase the strength and flexibility of the legs.

These help in making the stretches better. You should also practice jumps in order to make your toe touch perfect during the cheerleading activities, dance activities, etc.

Some Useful Measures

Toe touch is, undoubtedly, an impressive exercise but is hard to do. You should follow some important measures while practicing this exercise. You cannot be perfect in the first time only.

You should, therefore, practice constantly for attaining the correct posture. You should never stretch your body more than your capacity as this can lead to severe pain and injury of the bones and muscles.

It is very important to learn the proper techniques and then, gradually raise the bar. You should not practice at a stretch for too long as this may cause extreme pain and exhaustion in the body. This can even make your muscles stiff.

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