How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin With Exercise

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin With ExerciseThe hottest trend to help you look youthful and younger doesn’t require any filler, needle or cosmetic surgery. It’s an innate way to get rid of double chin by helping to strengthen sagging muscles of the neck. So much can be done at home to halt the aging process and even rewind the clock back a decade or more in just a matter of weeks by simply exercising the right muscles.

What Causes Double Chin

Double chin is simply fatty deposits under the chin where excess accumulates and exercises can help to move these accruements thus making them less visible.

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin With Exercise

We’ll be working on the neck as so many of us have that little waddle developing underneath the chin, the dreaded double chin. How often the focus is largely on looking phenomenal on the face whilst totally or almost ignoring the neck where all age is given away.

These exercises create a contraction in the muscle which shortens it. As the skin is directly attached to the muscle in the face and neck so these neck exercises help to lift the loose skin up and tighten it.

Neck Exercise I

With shoulders kept erect the chin must be lifted and gaze towards the roof/ceiling. Next, the tongue must be placed flat on the roof of the mouth or palate. Now, with the lips opened ever so slightly, press up with your tongue and continue doing so till the mental count of 5. Relax the face and inhale. Redo the same steps for a count of 10 and then relax the face. This exercise works directly on the skin underneath the chin.

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin With Exercise

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Neck Exercise II

This neck exercise typically targets the entire jaw line. For this begin by lifting the chin, tilting one’s head to one’s right with eyes looking up towards the ceiling or roof. Now, the bottom jaw should be slid forwards and the pose held till the mental count of 5. Gradually build to ten repetitions daily.

Neck Exercise III

The head is to be pulled backwards to as far as one can possibly do. The mouth must then be opened and closed alike a fish in water. One can feel the muscle stretch whilst one does this exercise.

Neck Exercise IV

Begin by standing in a comfortable position with head kept at an innate angle. Next the mouth is opened wide and tongue thrust out, to as much extent as possible. Hold this pose till a count of ten and then relax. This exercise can be done as many times till discomfort is experienced.

Neck Exercise V

Whilst standing in a comfortable position the head must be gradually raised away from the chest and tilted to as far as doable, though avoid straining or over-exerting oneself. Close the mouth tightly and one can feel the neck muscles stretching. After counting to ten relax whilst gradually bringing the head back to the starting position.

Begin once or twice a day and slowly increase to ten times a day. Within a fortnight to three weeks of religiously doing these exercises daily one can notice the saggy skin or double skin move or flatten. As is the case with any muscle where the stronger it gets, the tighter it gets.

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