How To Have Firmer Looking Legs

People, who start working out, severely focus on the muscles, which are visible from the outside, i.e. the shape people may notice and complement. Women mainly go for the exercises, which tone their torso region; mainly women are seen to yearn for shapely body parts, and not necessarily bulging muscles.

On working with the other muscles, people often forget about the lower body muscles, until one day, when you’re trying your best to work your way into that jean trousers, but somehow it keeps eluding you.

You wonder why and stand before the mirror. That’s when you see that your thighs are huge, almost touching each other, and the overall look of the legs, is just, not right. If you’re one of them and right now want the solution for a firmer looking set of legs, this may just help you.


Ah, yes! The age-long collaboration of exercises and diet! If you’re well into the exercise stuff, you must already know some of the stuff that you must be gorging on.

For the first timers; set a diet which consists of high fiber, lean protein, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. You should also partition your total food intake in a day, in several (5-6), smaller meals, rich in the stuff mentioned above. In each meal, has a proportion set for protein, fiber, whole grain, etc.

Drinking a huge amount of water is also necessary to fight off the excess toxins and fats, in the body. Also, make sure that you’re drinking enough fluid, in between two consequent exercises.



You ‘Google’, ‘legs’ and ‘exercise’, side by side, and the first exercise to come up will be squats. Squats, in addition to toning the legs, also tone up your buttocks. You may do this with or without weights.

Stand tall, with your feet, shoulder-width apart; if you’re having dumbbells, hold them with the hands, above your shoulders, and your legs slightly bent. Now, slowly lower yourself to the point where your thighs are almost parallel to the floor.

While doing this, make sure that the knees are directly over the feet, and then slowly stand up to your original position. For starters, a set of 3, and repetitions of 15 is good. Go on increasing, in due time.


Stand, with the hands falling limply straight, by your side (if you have dumbbells, have one in each hand), and your feet, shoulder-width apart. Also, keep the knees slightly bent.Now, step forward until the thigh of that leg, is parallel to the floor.

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Hold the position for a few seconds and then rise and follow through with the other leg. After it’s done, come back to original position (two huge steps back), and stand straight. Repeat this routine for 8-10 times, and a set of 3.

Cardiovascular Exercise

The fun thing’s here. Cardiovascular exercises can be of great fun and they are proven to be effective against body fats. Choose one (like, for example, swimming, walking, jogging, skipping, etc) and perform the same for a length of 30-45 minutes. Particularly, walking is extraordinarily helpful in toning the legs.

These are few, most effective, routes for you to take, to have a set of firmer looking legs. There are many other exercises like Dumbbell split dead lift, Leg extensions, Leg curls, etc. Performing simple stretching exercises too help in toning the lower-body muscles.

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