How To Lose Weight In Certain Body Areas

Maybe one day, while you are sitting in front of the mirror or maybe exercising, you notice that the whole of your body looks great.You have great muscles, greater looking thighs, awesome chest muscles and back muscles but somehow the lower abdominal muscles look big.

Maybe it’s the fat or the neglecting attitude towards training such muscles. You get frustrated and think of training the area specifically, to get it to shape. But, is that even possible?

The Myth Busted

Let us get one thing straight. If you are thinking about reducing ‘fat’ from a specific part/area of your body, know that it is impossible.It is not impossible to reduce fat; but it is impossible to choose the area/part where the fat is being trimmed from.There is no spot reduction when we are talking about fat.

Our body works (when we exercise) to burn the fat from whichever part it chooses from. Mostly it is from our body as a whole. Sometimes you may come across some individuals who have ‘toned’/slimmed face when they haven’t exercised their face at all.This happens because he/she is working out and the body has reduced the fat from their face.

So What’s The Answer?

The answer to losing weight in certain areas is plain and simple. If it is fat, you have to work to reduce the overall fat on your body. Your body will choose the right time to work on the muscles you desire to ‘tame’.

Cardiovascular Exercises

It is an absolute must that you perform cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises burn heavy amounts of fat on your body and works like a compound exercise, working on several muscles at the same time.

So, do not forget to perform a cardiovascular exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Some cardiovascular exercises are ‘targeted compound exercises’; try to use them to your advantage.

Targeted Exercises

While there is no way you can reduce the fat from a certain area of your body, you can however tone and build muscles in certain specific areas. Doing the same takes such exercises which are known as ‘Target exercises’. There are exercises, which work particularly on some selected muscles.

Like for example, bicep curls work specifically on the biceps.Like this, find out the target exercise for the part you want to shed weight from. It has also been proven that if you perform cardiovascular exercises immediately after doing targeted exercises, then the body might start working on that specific muscle.

Targeted Compound Exercises

These exercises are exercises, which target a group of muscles in a certain region. For example, if you want your thigh to lose weight, perform squats; which are the best compound exercises for the lower body.

It works on the thighs, the lower abdomen, the legs and the buttocks.So perform the targeted compound exercise for the area you want to lose weight from. Perform these exercises for 8-12 repetitions and sets of 3.

Negative Accentuated

This is a way of exercising, which helps to start working on burning the ‘extra’ muscles/fat within 72 hours of performing it. In this, you have to perform the first half of the exercise very slowly; almost increasing the time spent – thrice.

After that is done, you can perform the second half of the exercise within 1-2 seconds, i.e. taking the usual time.Whatever you do, just keep in mind to eat and drink healthy. Eat equally proportioned, high in vitamin, protein and fiber-rich meals.