How To Lose Weight Riding A Bicycle

Losing weight is a long process and includes not one but many procedures and activities. When the question of weight loss is put up, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the loss of fat.

And it is mostly what weight loss is.Weight loss mainly includes the reduction (or the burning) of the stubborn and hidden (not for everybody!) fat in one’s body. Riding bicycle can help you in this quest of yours, to lose weight.

Riding a bicycle not only helps to trim down the fat considerably, but also improves your heart condition and tones your (lower body) muscles and improves your endurance. So there’s little to deny the activity, if you want to lose weight.

Some Other Small To-Dos Lose Weight Riding A Bicycle

Riding bicycle will work your body extensively, so it is essential that you do not skip any meal and have full and balanced meals. You will be perspiring a lot; so it is also advised to drink lots of water.Also carry one bottle of water (or fruit juice) along with you, when going for a round.

Decide a goal, as to how much you intend to lose each week. Do not aim too big or your body might fail your expectations and you will be lying on the hospital bed. It is advised that you go cycling in an area which has an abundance of green as then you will be exposed to fresh air and cool environment.

Cycling To Lose Weight

Here’s How You Should Approach The Routine.


Decide the weight loss goal. You will lose an approximate of 1 lb of fat by losing 3500 calories. It is possible and healthy, to lose around 1-2 lbs per week. So calculate your total timing accordingly.


If you have never ridden a bike before (really?), it’s time to learn and start riding. If you hadn’t ridden before, you should take things slow. Start the first weeks by cycling every other day and resting the alternate days.

Instead of riding for half an hour or more from the first, it is advised that you start by cycling 10-15 minutes. As you proceed through the weeks, go on increasing the time limit by 5-10 ten minutes, in each week.


According to some reliable sources, an average built person should lose about 563 calories each hour that he/she rides, while riding at a pace of 12 to 13.9 mph. If you aim to lose about 2 lbs per week, then you should target to lose 1000 each day. So, calculate accordingly and make the necessary adjustments.

Last Words

Riding a bicycle will make you lose more than just calories. It will shed energy from you too. So it is advised that you feed on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grained foods and lean protein; these will give you strength and energy to ride more and will also help to lose weight.

Riding is a fun activity, so more often you will feel that you are not exercising but having fun.You have the opportunity to choose your workout spot, you may invite a few buddies to ride along with you or you may ride along the beats of a music player plugged in your ears. The more you enjoy the activity, the more you will feel the process working.

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