How To Maintain Weight With A Calorie Calculator

Losing or gaining weight is easier compared to maintaining such weight for a long period. Weight maintenance yields results such as a good health, less disease, proper and faster recovery, etc. So after you have lost, or gained weight, you have to work to maintain such weight.

Maintaining such weight will be a pain and almost impossible,if you do not know how much calorie you are eating each day, how much you are losing and how much you should gain or lose.

Here, you are advised to get yourself introduced to a calorie calculator. These can tell you how much you should gain, or lose, by calculating from the data of the data you provide.

Calorie Calculator

Calorie calculators are (mostly) online websites or applications, which calculate the amount of calories a person like you should have each day to maintain your current weight. This calculation is mainly calculated by the software based on the information you feed into it.

The information normally asked by these applications are your current height, weight, the weight you want to achieve,your sex, age and how much activity you are involved in, each day.The calculator will thus provide you with data that will state the calorie count you burn and the calorie count you should have.

What You Should Do?

So here’s what you should do. First, note down all the details that the calorie calculator has provided to you. Take special notice of the calorie you should eat everyday; mark it bold.

Now, when you go to buy the products for your meal, take notice of the calorie count printed on the package of the items you are buying. If you are buying raw, unpacked items, come home and search on the internet the calorie count of the certain product. This way, note down the calorie count of all the foods that you usually have.

Each Day

Wake up in the morning and (if possible) perform your workouts.If you prefer to perform your workout some other time of the day, it is okay too, but for the sake of easy and smooth calculation, early workout is preferred. After that done, note down the calorie you have burnt.

Before preparing (having) your meals,calculate the total amount of calorie you should eat throughout the day, to go along with the calories burnt. After that done, try and divide, this total calorie count equally among the meals on that day. While doing this, the calorie count of each food item will come in handy.


If you continue this routine religiously, you should have only minor increment or decrement in weight and fat; there should be no huge gain or loss.

However, if such a thing happens, adjust the calorie count spent and eaten throughout the day.Also, adjust the calorie count, when you have increased the number of repetitions and/or the weight you are lifting, in your workout sessions.

The Diet

As you experiment with your diet, you need to remember one little important fact.The calorie count should decrease, but not the amount of nutrition your body needs. Include in your meals, generous amounts of protein, vitamins, fiber (especially if you are working out), essential fats, etc. To have all these, you should have a balanced set in each meal.

Best of luck in your endeavor and remember to change the routine, if you feel you are not getting enough energy and nutrition. Consultation with a nutritionist is advised highly.

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