How To Skip Rope

If you learn the proper techniques and master the art of rope skipping then it can be a great cardio exercise. It is a complete body activity with primary focus being on the calves, quads, shoulders and abs.

Skipping is very beneficial because it not only burns tons of calories but also enhances your agility. As a matter of fact, if you skip at the rate of approximately 130 turns per minute, you will burn in 10 minutes as many calories as you would normally burn if you were to run a mile or so.

1How To Skip Rope

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However, there are some tips that you need to follow when skipping a rope, which should definitely be heeded in order to draw maximum benefit out of it.

Tips On How To Skip Rope

Tip 1

The dimensions of the rope are crucial. When the rope is folded in half it should almost reach your shoulders. Or, if bisected by putting it under your feet, the handles should reach your sternum. Make sure the rope isn’t too light, as the weight of the rope counts too.

Tip 2

Hold the handles of the rope and put it behind you so that it falls just below your waist. Pull the rope from behind over your head in a loop so that it hits the ground as you jump over while it goes past your feet.

Tip 3

Make full use of your ankles while jumping over the rope. A common mistake that many people often make is that they bend their knees too much to absorb the shock that they experience as they land on their feet.

You should ensure that you land on the balls of your feet after each jump. Try not to let your heels touch the ground while skipping. Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure that your hard work while skipping does not go in vain.

How To Skip Rope

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Tip 4

Don’t try to jump too high and keep your jumps while skipping as small as possible. Just relax through the exercise and don’t worry if you trip up the rope at first before you become accustomed to it.

Avoid jumping too high as this might upset the rhythm of the exercise. The rope in itself if just a few inches thick. Therefore, just focus on clearing the rope and not jumping too high.

Tip 5

The position of your hand is important to focus on while skipping. Your arms must be comfortably bent and your hands should lie at least a foot away from your sides. Your wrists should turn in a circular motion while skipping.

Tip 6

Your arms and shoulders should not sway too much while skipping ropes. Turn the rope with your wrists and avoid making use of the rest of your arm for this exercise.

If you use your arms and shoulders too much while jumping very high, it will make the entire exercise a burden rather than a benefit. Therefore, keep the movement of the upper part of your body to minimum.

Tip 7

Practice will make you perfect. Therefore, keep skipping and see how long you can do it without tripping or falling. The more you practice the faster will you master the art of skipping. Do not give up if you falter at first. As time passes, skipping will become a part of your routine.

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