How To Tighten Your Face Muscles

How To Tighten Your Face MusclesHealthy bodies too are subject to gravity hence exercising is crucial. Regular exercise helps to shape and tone the body. But, how many of us care to exercise the muscles of our face which too have the analogous properties. Muscles tighten and firm when exercised regularly while they lose their suppleness, shrink and become flaccid when not.

In your forties the facial muscles tend to sag, weaken and are not able to attain their youthful elasticity. Overall facial sagging then ensues and the underlying structure stops supporting the skin which leads to formation of creases, wrinkling and several other dire effects. However, all this can be reversed and the loose muscles can, in fact be shortened as well as tightened. The muscle fibers of the face can be strengthened and the contours can get a nice lift by doing these exercises on a daily basis.

How To Tighten Your Face Muscles

Novices can begin performing these facial exercises whilst facing a mirror. Relaxing and breathing prior to doing the subsequent exercise is advisable. Once all the exercises have been performed then the head, neck and the entire body must be relaxed.

Facial Exercise For Tightening Jaws And Neck

Begin by being seated erect whilst tilting your head slightly upwards towards the roof. Next the lips are puckered alike kissing and then stretched outwards as if ready to kiss the roof. Hold the pose till a count of six. Relax and redo for five repetitions.

Eliminate Jowl And Saggy Chin

Commence by tilting your head backwards and purse your lips as though sounding the letter ‘o’. Now balance a teaspoon across the lips with the corners supporting it. The lower lip is then lifted whilst holding the spoon in it. This position is then held till a count of six and five repetitions done.

How To Tighten Your Face Muscles

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Next, the teaspoon is turned around 180 degrees so that the handle is on the other side and the above steps repeated for another five times. As your muscles get stronger you can use a tablespoon for the exercise.

Lift Cheeks, Plump Up Facial Bones And Reduce Hollows

Start off by using the middle (third) finger of both hands to touch the corners of your mouth. Begin smiling upwards and outwards toward the temple areas of your face. This must be done in 6 slackened motions and when done correctly one can sense the muscles lift with each movement. The pose ought to be held till 6 seconds after which one returns back gradually to starting position and two repetitions performed.

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Lifting Laugh Lines, Averting Under-Eye Puffiness And Overall Facial Tightening

Start by placing the forefingers along the laugh lines or wrinkles that run from around the nasal area to the mouth. The cheek muscles adjoining the finger placement should be lifted up, though one must avoid pushing up with the forefingers. This must be done in 6 gradual movements and the pose held for 6 seconds after which one goes back to the original pose in 6 slow movements. The facial exercise tends to become easy to do when one moves one’s upper lip upwards to a slight extent as though one were about to snarl. Do one repetition and remember counting till 6 amid every smallish movement.

Facial Exercise For Eyes

With the head held motionless one should use one’s eyes for looking upwards as higher up as possible and holding till count of 5. The eyes are then dropped down soon after and yet again held till 5 seconds. Do three repetitions.

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