How To Use An Exercise Bench

How To Use An Exercise BenchOne of the few exercise tools, which can actually come in handy in both weight-training exercises and free-hand exercises, is an exercise bench. Meaning, it can be used in gyms and even at homes, if you buy one to perform exercises, which does not include big weights. So, here’s how you can get the best out of this product and tone your body best.

Ways To To Use An Exercise Bench

Chest Presses

Lie down on the bench, on your back. Hold one dumbbell in each hand. While keeping the elbows facing outwards, lower both your hands to the level of your chest. Now slowly lift the hands (straightening the elbows) in a way so that both met at the top.

When both the hands are at the top, fully extended and an inch apart, pause for a moment and then bring hands back down. Bring them to a point where they are about 2 inches from your chest. Repeat for 12-15 times and a set of 3.

Triceps Dips

This is a very fun exercise, for some. Keep an elevated platform in front of the bench. The platform may be a chair, another bench, stairs, etc. Put your feet on this platform and put your hands on the exercise bench. Take this posture keeping in mind that you should be facing your feet.

Slowly, bend your elbows to a right angle and dip your body to the level where the elbows form the right angle. After you have reached quite a depth, do not wait; immediately put your triceps to work and slowly, lift your body to the starting position with the help of this muscle.

One consideration, which should be followed, is that, your upper arms (the part near the armpits) should always be pressed tight against your side.

Step Up

This exercise tones and shapes the buttocks and the upper part of your thighs. It also, partly, works on the calves. What you have to do is, stand straight in front of the exercise bench, with your hands on your hips/sides.

Now step up on the bench, with one foot and then follow by the other one. Immediately return to original position by stepping down. However, be sure to return the foot you placed first (while stepping up). Repeat for 12-15 times and a set of 3.


There are mainly two types of push-ups, which you can perform on this bench. The inclined and the declined push-ups. For one, keep your feet on the bench (shoulder width apart) and the hands on the floor.

Now keeping the back straight, perform the push-ups. To perform the other one, just flip the sides. In other words, lace your hands on the bench and the feet on the floor. The norms and the procedure stay the same.

Bicep Curls

Sit on the edge of the exercise bench with your legs pointing outwards and a little more than shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbell in one hand and then let it hang beside that side’s leg, in between the two thighs.

Slowly curl your wrists up and bend the elbows to bring the dumbbell to your neck region and then release the tension to go back to original form. Repeat with the other hand, a total number of 15-20 times and a set of 3.