How To Use Stability Ball

Exercising and staying healthy are the two most important activities which should be done in order to stay fit. It allows our body to gain ample energy to do all the activities in one go.

By eating good food, we ensure that our body is getting all the essential nutrients which are essential for acquiring energy. By doing workouts we ensure that we not only lose weight, but also maintain a sleek figure.

How To Use Stability Ball

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Working out in any form, helps us in giving stamina and strength in the body. There are so many equipments which can be used as a part of our workout programStability ball is the best way to lose all those extra kilos in very less time. It is a huge rubber ball that helps us in working out.

Tips To Use Stability Ball

Choose The Right Ball

Choosing the right type of ball for your body type is extremely important. It should be able to bear your body weight. Select from all the sizes available in these balls.

Inflate The Ball With Sufficient Air

Inflating the ball is the seconds step towards using it. Usually when you buy it, you may also get a pump along with it. Using that pump, simply inflate the ball and get started. Inflation should also be done adequately so that it does not burst. Maintain the limit mentioned on the packaging.

Use Stability Ball

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Sit in The Centre of The Ball

Now sit right in the centre of the ball. Keep your legs apart and flat on the floor. Maintain the position as if you are sitting on a chair. The ball may bobble a bit, but you have to maintain the posture and your balance.

Now Start Crunching

Simply lie down on the ball, while still resting your feet on the ground. Start with crunching in the normal way. Keep your hands behind the head and begin. Keep a set of 10 crunches and repeat it at least 5 times. It will be very beneficial for your abs and will give you a straight back. Again, maintain the balance on the ball.

Use It Against The Wall

This is a very strenuous exercise as it allows you to do high density intense training.  Place the ball with your hands on the wall. You have to ensure that the ball is resting on the wall only because you are standing with your back side.

Use Stability Ball

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Stand on the back side and see that the ball is the connecting factor between you and the wall. Now stretch your arms and move up and down. Repeat this for some time to get a good effect on your lower body.

These were a few of the ways to use a stability ball. Internet can teach you with some other ways too. This ball is very helpful and it can lead to a lot of improvement in your body. Using it in the right manner is your responsibility. Hence, follow the above guidelines and get started.

Rekha Samavedula