How To Walk & Cycle To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

How To Walk & Cycle To Lose Weight & Get In ShapeWalking and cycling are two of the most important cardio-vascular exercises suitable for losing weight and for getting in shape. You can burn enough calories by practicing these exercises everyday.

Moreover, these exercises are suitable for most of the people and help in enhancing blood circulation. You should follow a proper routine for receiving best results. This article will definitely help you in understanding the processes better.

Calculate The Total Amount Of Body Calories

It is very important to understand the amount of calories consumed and the amount of calories burnt daily in order to reduce the body weight effectively. You can multiply your body weight with 13 in case of a man and with 10 in case of a woman for determining the amount of calories required by your body without exercising.

For example, a man weighing 200 pounds would require 2600 calories everyday for proper body functioning. You should set up your exercise routine in such a way that you lose more calories than that you have consumed. For example, you should make a deficit of 500 calories everyday in order to reduce one pound in a week through workouts.

Importance Of Walking

Walking is very effective for losing weightand for toning muscles of the entire body. You should perform this exercise for at least 30 minutes to one hour in the morning. It is stated that a man weighing 190 pounds can burn 329 calories by walking at a moderate pace for one hour.

Importance Of On-Road Cycling

You can shed enough calories and shape your legs, arms, waist and abs by cycling everyday. You should cycle for at least 30 minutes everyday in order to achieve effective results. It is estimated that a man weighing 190 pounds can burn 346 calories by cycling at a speed of 10 miles/hour for about one hour.

Importance Of Stationary Cycle Machine

You can even use a stationary cycle machine if you cannot practice outdoor cycling. It is extremely beneficial for losing weightand for shaping the body without putting excessive pressure on the joints and muscles. You can even adjust the resistance offered by the cycle for appropriate burning of calories.

Few Important Tips To Walk & Cycle To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

You should consume proper foods in order to supply adequate energy for performing these exercises. You should wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts, track pants, sorts, etc. for practicing these exercises.

You should drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday in order to keep your body hydrated. You should perform some simple stretching exercises before practicing these exercises or else you may suffer from injuries, cramps or sprains.

You should perform these exercises for only 5-10 minutes at the beginning and gradually increase the time limit. You should also do the same with the speed limit.

You can wear ankle weights while walking or cycling in order to intensify the workout programs. You should give proper rest to your body in order to relax your heartbeat and muscle tissues. You should consult a specialist immediately if you suffer from any kind of pain or damage. Following these tips will really help.

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