Impact of Exercises on Your Lungs

For those who do not know, exercises also greatly improve your lung capacity. Each exercise impacts your lungs in different ways. But the common thread between them all is that they are all doing your lungs good. Swimming is one of the best ways to strengthen your lungs. Swimming involves breathing less in the water and also taking fewer breaths to get from one side of the pool to the other. This will strengthen the lungs and thereby send oxygen to your muscles.

The longer you can swim without taking a breath, the better your lung capacity will be. Swimming is especially beneficial for those suffering from asthma. The healthier your lungs, the healthier your body.

Cycling is another form of exercise which will allow you to strengthen your lungs. While you are cycling, exhale slowly and inhale fast. This will help your endurance, and will also help you improve your lung functioning as well. The more you cycle, the lungs will get trained to be more efficient.

Running is also a great way as this is a cardio workout and uses your diaphragm. If your diaphragm is strengthened your breathing is more effective and you will find an increase in endurance. There are specific ways to exercise the diaphragm.

This is done by co ordinated breathing. This pattern can be followed by all when running. This involves breathing in while taking the first two steps and breathing out while taking the next two. Gradually increase it to three and four, and by strengthening your diaphragm, you will also be strengthening your lung capacity.

Football is another good exercise for the lungs. Since you will be running and working the body very hard, you will be converting oxygen to carbon dioxide faster, and will also circulate the oxygen to the body in less time.

Regardless of which sport you take up, the better you breathe, the higher your endurance level will be. You will find you can perform better and last much longer. It is only a question on practice. If you pay attention to your breath when working out, you can do much better.