Importance of Laughter in Lowering Stress

Studies have proven the health benefits of laughter ranging from reducing day to day stress to strengthening immune system. The therapeutic field known as laughter therapy is slowly emerging as the effective way of healthy lifestyle.

Unburden the mind:
With a proper diet and exercise, you should try to laugh as much as possible as good humor reduces stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol. Instead, it increases the health enhancing hormones such as endorphins and neurotransmitters.

While strengthening the immune system, it increases antibody producing cells. A good belly laugh relaxes the body muscles and even work out the shoulders. Research has also shown that laughter can ease the possibility of eczema in newborns. It can also mitigate the damaging effects arthritis, allergies and heart attacks. Laughter is also linked with better respiratory function. Even the chronic depression can be lowered by good laugh. A laugh your gut out helps to keep your heart healthy.

Lighthearted perspective:
When we response to an event as a threat or challenge the stress level increases. But, laughter provides a lighthearted perspective to create a positive approach in less threatening way. In hectic schedule we often loose our temper. We tend to be angry at a slightest provocation. Laughter relaxes the body language and helps to bring our focus on a specific point. A good laugh provides emotional and physical release. Therefore you will feel a cleansed feeling after having a laugh.

The sources of laughter:
Going to a comedy movie or laughter club is the good source to add more fun to life. It also strengthens relations with your friends. You can also watch funny programs on TV joining your family members. Surely it’s not possible to be poker-faced while watching funny programs like Charlie Chaplin or Tom and Jerry. To be less stressed, approach life in mirthful way. Try not to complain about frustrations in life.

Laughter makes you a social being. The vivacity and cheerfulness with laughter make you more energetic and spontaneous. You can also improve the quality of your interaction with other people by a good laugh. People will be charmed by your good sense of humor which will reduce their tension and nervousness.No doubt, merriment is the perfect way to healthy and happy living.

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