Improving Core Body Strength

For a  good core body workout, you will need to do lots of squats and exercises using a Swiss Ball. To start with, lie down on a mat and put your hands under your head. Keep your legs outstretched.

Now lift your legs slightly off the ground do the bicycle crunch which involves alternating the movements between your legs.
While you are doing this, keep the shoulders off the ground and touch the right elbow to the left knee as you bring it forward. Repeat this in slow counts of twenty on each side and then increase your pace and do at least thirty on each leg.

For the next exercise, lie on he ground and keep your hands besides your buttocks. Lift your legs up high to a ninety degree angle. Once you are in a comfortable position, gently lift your hips off the ground and bring them back.

Continue doing this for at least twenty counts. In order to make this exercise a little tougher, you can hold a light weight dumbbell between your feet and then raise your hips.

Now take a Swiss Ball and comfortably rest your back on it keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your arms behind your head and spread your knees slightly. This will work your abdominal muscles.

Gently lift your shoulders up and down just as you would do stomach crunches. Your back should be well supported by the Swiss Ball. Remember not to bend yuor neck while doing the crunches.

For the last exercse, you can sit on a bench and hold it tightly on either side. Lift your legs off the ground and extend it forward. bring it back towards the chest. You will once again be working the abdominal muscles.

Repeat these leg pull-ins for a minimum of thirty counts. If yu are able to do this easily, do the same thing without holding the bench and you will make the entire exercise tougher.

These exercises must be done at least three times a week and together with this you can also do a bit of cardio exercises on the remaining days.