Innovative Games For Exercise

There are many games that we play to stay fit. The more common ones include tennis, squash, and badminton. Sometimes, these games affect the back, knees and wrist. A better alternative to stay fit would be a game of pickleball. This game is a combination of table tennis, tennis and badminton.

It is a spot which causes less injury and can be played by people who are not very fit, and may also be slightly older. It is a good game for heavier people. Those who have weak knees should avoid playing this game as it involves bending the knees a lot.

The advantage of pickleball is that it does not require too much power, so you are unlikely to cause too much strain on the arm. It requires less energy and improves your reflexes instead. More than power and strength, the game of pickleball involves greater eye-hand co-ordination.The sport involves a lot of stretching and movement which gives the body good flexibility. It is a good sport for children as it helps them make their body more fit and agile.

The game of pickleball lasts for at least an hour. It is a very good sport to play for those who are trying to lose weight as it causes a lot of sweating and helps lose weight quickly. It gives you a leaner body and can also can be very good fun when played with the family.This is a game which can be played anywhere, including your backyard. It does not need any sophisticated material. The racquets are available easily and are much cheaper than those used for other sports.

This game is relatively easy to pick up even if you have played no sport as it is not as quick and fast paced as most of the other ones. The ball is perforated plastic and does not move very quickly, and gives even beginners a good chance to pick it up effortlessly.
Pickleball can be played by little children since the ball and racquet are light and less likely to hurt. This also holds true to for older people. You can play the sport right to the age of seventy.

This is the best sport for those who are relatively lazy or do not enjoy going to the gym.