Know More About Aerobic Fitness

Although one‘s life depends on the liver, a person is easily influenced by matters of the heart. It is indeed true when we say that the heart rules especially in matters of fitness. A person is considered fit if he has a healthy heart, lungs and rest of the circulatory system.

Aerobics has to do with utilization of oxygen and aerobic fitness is largely dependent on the condition of the circulatory and respiratory system and our capacity to utilize it in stressful situations. The” aerobic system” is considered efficient when it is able to handle and recover from stress and exertion.

Aerobic fitness largely depends on the capacity of the heart to pump blood and the capacity of the lungs to take in oxygen. It also based on the efficiency with which heart and lungs clear the toxicity and waste products from the body.

Training in aerobics is nothing but improving the efficiency of the heart and lungs by changing the intensity of exercises. Aerobics involves working out without machines. It involves moving rhythmically to the sound of music or to a beat.

When we exercise, we need to move our muscles. Muscles produce movement but they spend energy doing so. For doing this, energy is obtained from food and oxygen. When energy is produced, it also results in forming by products like carbon dioxide and water.

The body has a capacity to regulate this energy intake and output depending on the person’s age, sex, lifestyle, heredity and other factors.

When we do aerobic exercises, the muscles require more energy to produce fast and vigorous movement. For this, the heart and lungs need to circulate more blood and carry more oxygen. In order to increase the capacity of the heart and lungs, aerobic exercises are performed.

These exercises need to be done systematically and progressively. Sudden exertion or high intensity exercises without prior practice may cause more harm than help to a person new to aerobics.

When one achieves reasonable fitness level by aerobic exercises he will not get breathless when exercising and will be able to maintain a steady pulse rate. This only indicates improved efficiency of the heart and rest of the aerobic system.

Not everyone can start with high intensity aerobics initially. It is a form of exercise that gradually needs t be worked on depending on the individual in order to produce long lasting results.