Lateral Leg Lifts

Lateral leg lifts is a very effective exercise for getting rid of the flab on your thighs. Two variations of this exercise have been explained below. They are very easy to do and even beginners can do them easily.

Lateral Leg Lifts are a very good exercise for toning your legs. The lateral leg lift is simple and easy to perform. Lie down on the floor sideways; resting either on your left leg or right leg. Now one of your arms will be near the ground, use it to rest your head. The other arm, which is away from the ground can be used in two ways. You can either rest it on your waist or place the palm downwards on the floor to support yourself.

One of your leg will be on the floor supporting the weight of your body. The other leg will be away from the floor. You can bend this leg to an angle of about 90 degree to provide more stability to your posture. Now raise the other leg about six to eight inches above the ground. Hold the leg steady and straight while performing this repetition. The strength for the movement should come from the hips or base of the thighs.

You can do any number of repetitions as per your fitness level. Beginners can start with a set of fifteen repetitions for each side. After you have completed repetitions for one leg, turn over. Now rest your body on the other leg, which was on the ground till now. Repeat the same number of repetitions for the other leg also.

Inside Lateral Leg Lifts The same lateral leg lifts can be done with a slightly different posture. For this you have to lie down again sideways on one of your legs. Now, stretch the leg on the ground straight ahead. This time you will have to bend the leg on the top.

Bend it such that the knee joint points towards the ceiling. Support the leg by placing it on the ground behind the knee of the leg on the floor.  After you have attained this posture, lift the bottom leg upwards. Again do the desired number of repetitions and repeat the same for the other leg after flipping to the other side.