Learn Great Exercises Without Gym Equipment

Let us face it; you do not want to spend money, mostly. You try to sneak out of programs that include disposal of money and it is just like that with exercising your body too, isn’t it? Who wants to go to a gym, toil for hours, lifting huge weights, and then wait for the results to kick in after months?

You are right to expect this and it is not abnormal trying to find an alternative. Just like money, time is another big factor too. Going to the gym, working out and then returning back exhausted may take expensive hours out of your life. So what is the alternative?

Home exercises, or as it is otherwise called, free-hand exercises where there is no equipment involved, no going to the gym and losing the precious time. Though this alternative is not as good as the original idea of working out in a gym, if you want bulging muscles, but free hand exercises are great in case of keeping oneself fit and in a decent shape. So, let us see what great exercises you can perform, without gym equipments.

Some Tips:

As you are not lifting heavy weights, it is advised that you maintain a strict diet. Please don’t starve yourself; all it will do is weaken your body.

Eat food that is less in calorie. A wise choice of calorie intake will lessen your excess body fat and help build the muscle mass.

Drink a lot of water (at least 7-8 glasses per day). Your need to wash out the toxins created inside your body.

When working without gym equipment you don’t have one essential thing, weight, to train your body at different levels. So what you can do is gradually increase the number of repetitions in each exercise.

Do your exercises slowly, because slow extension and relaxation of muscles forces each unit to work and pressure is applied on them equally. Plus, if you do the exercises slowly, there are fewer chances of getting hurt or tearing of muscles.

Though you are not in a gym, it is essential that you have some of the things at home like, a bench, a soft mattress and a couple of dumbbells.

If possible, before starting these exercises, consult a gym trainer or some guy who goes to the gym (one who has a good experience to back his tips).

Warming up

Cardio exercises are the best way to kick off a training routine. So choose a cardio exercise (you may do more than one, but it’s not quite needed), and repeat for 3 times, doing a set of 5.

Better still, you may not do this just before exercising, if you already move up and down in your house along the stairs. To add to this habit, while you are moving up or down the stairs, avoid touching the heels on the stairs. This will help build up your calves.

You may also start the regime by doing some basic exercises; jumping (with the heels not touching the ground); stretching; ‘no’ saying arms, where you raise your arms perpendicular to the ground and then swing the hands in opposite directions, as if saying ‘no’ with the hands; circling your hands vertically, etc.



Lower your body down, keeping your feet shoulder width away from each other, to the position of sitting on a short chair. Keep the pose for 3-5 seconds, and then rise up, without moving your feet. Remember to keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Repeat for 5-6 times, and set of 3.

Single legged Squats:

This may be too much to begin with at first. So give it time. Do these like doing the normal squats just that for this you have to have one leg raised at the back slightly, just so that it does not touch the floor.


Lunges are greatly effective for your lower body. You also may have a dumbbell while doing this. Let your hands down lightly beside you (if you have dumbbells hold one in each hand), then take one mid-to-big step forward with one leg.

The other leg stays back, and your hands are still loosely hanging by your side and the extended leg’s thigh parallel to the floor. Now repeat the process with the other leg too. After doing it, return to the starting point by doing lunges backwards. Do a repetition of 6-8, and a set of 5.

Photo Credit: dietsinreview.com


Get in front of a box, or something having a flat top, of knee height, stand straight with your hands on your sides. Now step up on the platform with one leg, keeping your back straight. Now bring the second leg up on the platform in the same way. After you are on the platform, bring back your leg, one by one, in the reverse of how you got them up. Repeat 5 times (each leg) and a set of 3.

Abdomen Raised Bridges:

Lie down on a mattress, with one leg folded loosely at the knees and the other raised, so that the calves are parallel to the floor. Keep your hands loosely but firmly on the floor. Now keeping the calves as much parallel as you can (a little tilt is ok) and raise your abdomen upwards without moving the other leg and your hands. Hold the position and then return back to starting position. Repeat 5 times and a set of 3.


It is odd that what body-builders do to show off their muscles, can actually help in building muscles. Yes, flexing can help build you muscle. For e.g. flex your abs with all your might for around 5 seconds and a set of 3-4.

Palm Press:

It is exactly what it sounds like. Press the palms against one another, keeping them horizontally leveled to the floor. While doing this, you will notice that you are getting some pressure on your chest. This means the exercise is working. Repeat 5 times and a set of 3.


Need I say anything about this jewel? Push-ups are widely renowned and are really effective. It targets your chest muscles, shoulder muscles and your arm’s muscles.

Lie down on a mattress, face down, putting your hands beside your chest. Now slowly raise your body with the help of your shoulder, chest and back arm muscles. Keep your back straight and your feet shoulder width apart. Repeat 5 times and a set of 3.


It is best for this if you have fence or a bar hanging horizontally at a little above knee height. If not, another person can hold your hands standing over you, as you lie down your legs shoulder width apart. Now with the help of the bar, or the help of the other person’s hands, pull yourself at optimum height, stay for 3 seconds and return to original state slowly. Repeat for 10 times and a set of 3 .

Triceps Dips:

The name already suggests that this exercise works on the triceps. Sit on a chair. Now keeping both the hands by your side, on the chair, slide yourself down from the chair until your hands are above your waistline (your legs should be shoulder width apart). Now pull yourself up, perpendicularly and lower yourself down again to the initial position. Repeat for 5 times and a set of 3.

Warm Down:

Do a little jog, on the spot, and some other exercises, which you did in warming up. The importance of this is that, these exercises help the body to bring down the body’s temperature to normal and easing down the muscles.

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