Learning Key Exercises For Foot Problems

Have you ever thought how much weight your foot is carrying every day? Everyday your entire body’s weight is on the two foot of yours, absorbing all the shocks that come from jumping around, falling and carrying heavy weights (yes, and you thought only your hands hurt because of that!)

Sometimes the stress is around 600 pounds per square inch. And yet you don’t even spare a thought for that poor thing. But when they stop working, due to pain, soreness, injury, fatigue, etc., your world is at a standstill. Your other parts can be of no use because you cannot move to your workplace.

Some Preventive Actions:

Never ignore any pain or other problems that appear on your foot. Apply tried and tested home remedies, if problem persists, go for a checkup to a physician.

While at a bath, or when you come back from outdoors, wash your feet, especially the spaces between the fingers. Be sure to dry them completely with a towel.

Trim your toe nails at regular intervals. Don’t trim them too short or at the corners, it raises the risk of ingrown toenails.

Before putting money on the shoe shop’s counter check if your feet agree to the size and length o the shoes. Make your feet comfortable.

For different activities, try using different shoes. For e.g. for jogging go for running ones, sports shoes for sports activities, etc.

If you’re a diabetic patient, check your foot at least once a year from a podiatric physician.

Walking Correctly:

When you have the proper shoe for proper occasion, try walking frequently and properly. The head and the back should be straight and in one line, your arms freely swinging at your side. Take the steps in a right manner.

Exercises For Foot Problems

Exercise 1

Sit on a chair, with your foot on the floor. Raise up your foot at a height and then rotate the heel clockwise 5 times and then counter-clockwise 5 times. Also move your feet left to right horizontally, like a pendulum. This exercise also includes you pitching your toes up towards your knee and bringing them down till you feel a stretch at the arch. Repeat for 5 times and then put down your feet back on the floor.

Exercise 2:

While standing up, bring one foot in front of another. Now, keeping the foot floored, lower your body to the point when you feel a stretch in your lower leg. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then repeat with the other foot in front. Repeat for 5-6 times.

Exercise 3:

While sitting down, keep something round under your feet (under the arch), like a cold bottle, ball, etc. and then roll it with your feet so that the arch under the feet gets massaged.

Exercise 4:

You may do this exercise while standing up or sitting down, though it is advised that you do it while standing. Keep a straight toe and then raise your heels upwards as much as you can, all the while squeezing the calf muscles. Keep for around 5 seconds then return to normal position, then repeat this with the other feet. Do a set of 3, with 5 repetitions.

Exercise 5:

Go near a wall, now place your feet near the wall, placing the toes on the wall whereas the heel on the floor. Now move your knees towards the wall, not moving the feet in the process.

Photo Credit: walkingsmartnow.com

Exercise 6:

Sit down on a chair, scatter before you, on the floor, few marbles or any small stuffs that can be picked up. Keep a glass or container at a stretch away from your feet. Now what you’ll do is pick up the marbles with your toes, or other stuff, from the floor and try putting them on the glass or container at a stretch away.

Exercise 7:

This exercise is mainly for your calf muscles but also helps greatly in building up the toe muscles. Stand on the edge of a stair facing backwards so that the heels are hanging from the stair. Now raise up your heels and slowly bring them down at a neutral position.

You can hold on to something for balance. You can make this one a regular practice by ascending and descending the stairs, everyday, without your heels touching the stairs i.e. ascend or descend the stairs with only the toes touching the floor.

Exercise 8:

Sit on a floor or bed keeping your legs outstretched. Now hold a towel with both hands and loop it over one foot and then start pulling it. Continue until your calf muscles start to feel stretched. Do three times repetition and set of ten times.

Exercise 9:

Start off with sitting down on the floor, both legs stretched out in front of you. Then bend one leg, at the knee, grab the ball of the feet from above the toe and pull towards your chest. You’ll feel a good stretch on the arch of your feet.

Exercise 10:

Stand supporting yourself with two hands on a wall. Keeping your back slanted straight back place one foot in front and the other at the back. Bend your knees until you feel a slight stretch at the back of your calves. Do a repetition of 3 times and a set of 10.

Exercise 11:

This one is more of a massage than an exercise. Sit down on a chair and put one leg over the other knee. Now grab hold of the toes and pull them upwards while massaging the arch (curved area at the middle of the foot.) Do this for about 10 minutes and 3 repetitions.

Try making your kids wear shoes/ footwear those which are light and flexible. Also, children’s foot perspires heavily, so their footwear would better be of any perforated substance so that the feet may breathe.

Prevention is always better than cure, in case of foot, especially. Massage and exercise your foot daily, but keep an eye on these too as, if you are in a job which needs you to walk a lot, then you are already getting your foot exercised daily. So in that situation, try keeping your feet clean and massage them to relieve them of the tension.