Learning Martial Arts for Fitter Body

A martial art is one of the very early methods of fighting, many a times without the use of weapons for example karate, kung fu, or judo. It is said that martial art generated from the east of the globe. Martial is a word usually used to describe things relating to soldiers or war. The usual objective of martial art is to physically defeat other persons and to defend your own body.

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Martial art is considered both an art and science. Art since it involves various dynamics of body movements. It’s considered as a science, owing to the factor of systematic application of physics, anatomy and philosophy.

This art is not only for self defense, but it’s also a workout for the body. It consists of variety of punches and kicks which uses your body muscles as well. Martial art consists of heavy and intense exercises that tone up your body for more endurance power, speed and mind.

Martial art channels positive energy through the body. Tai chi, one of the forms of martial art, has various slow movements which builds up positive energy in your body and helps your body and mind to relax. This also helps you to stay in shape. Martial art is also known to keep your body healthy.

Martial Arts climbing ladders in popularity

Martial art attracts large number of people due to its self-defensive potential. This art should not be used to take advantage of weaker people or for the purpose of showing off. Rather, one should use this art as an asset for protecting one’s self respect and people around you from assaults. This art involves different systematic and rhythmic moves of hand, leg, torso, neck etc to defend yourself when your body is in danger.

Misconceptions about martial art

Usually there is a misconception in peoples mind that martial art is only about breaking bricks, or not relevant for a normal person’s life. People also mistake this art to be only meant for small children which in turn makes them a bully and teaches them to fight. Other than this people think that this is an unsafe sport and can make a person violent and dangerous. Well these are plainly just misconceptions about martial art and not actual supported facts.

Relaxation to body

As mentioned earlier, martial art is not only an art to fight. There are many other factors of martial art. Training in self-confidence, stamina, concentration, proper breathing, serenity especially in those situations where anger would be the reflex action, positive attitude towards life, controlled energy are few of them.

Self confidence gives birth to self knowledge and self control.  Karate is not bound by age or sex. Anyone, irrespective of age, sex, caste etc. can master this art. Learning this art helps in alerting your body to dangers and increases your reflex action too.

Health Benefits of Martial Art

Martial art plays a significant role in providing benefits to health. It provides you with a better mental and physical health. The common benefits are – improvement in blood pressure, blood supply to muscles, sugar level, capacity of somatic muscles and liver in storing carbohydrate in the form of glycogen.The changes in the body are not mutually exclusive, but improvise the functioning of body and the brain.

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Practice of martial art lowers the risk of certain diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, chronic respiratory diseases, mental depression, anxiety, fatigue, canters among many others. Regular breathing exercises along with proper training helps people recover from diabetes and rescuing them from the dependency of insulin.Martial art also affects the brain and the nervous system bringing about remarkable change in brain chemistry.

Meditation and Martial Art

Meditation is a technique, method and a skillful application of concentrated awareness. Meditation has proved effective in eliminating the various stress of the modern life. If practiced regularly, it will enhance concentration and will help in developing an increased awareness of your own self.

The goal of meditation is to promote successful and healthy living by relaxing the body, calming the mind and cultivating the spirit. Meditation is an integral part of any good martial art training. Going by history, martial artists have used various forms of meditation to make the mind as strong and quick as the body. To understand the role of meditation in martial art, let’s take the example of a martial art form –Tai Chi.

Tai chi is one martial art form that combines mental concentration, slow graceful body movements to increase well being, lessen stress and strengthen the body. It also helps in coordinated breathing. It is an ancient meditative martial art designed for self defense, health and spiritual development that facilitates the flow of chi which means life energy, through the body. Tai chi is often referred to as “meditation in motion” by many people.

Tai chi is a comprehensive series of breathing techniques, gentle physical movements. It is accompanied by mental and spiritual intent, which allows you to experience a meditative state. It can help your body muscle to relax, strengthen your bodily postures, as well as improve your balance, mobility and flexibility.

Learning this art helps you in relaxing and focusing, even while you are executing any moves. Hence, it helps in harmonizing the musculoskeletal and nervous system. With the essence of meditation, we can also overcome emotional turmoil and thinking, releasing the body from every pressure.

Effects of martial art

Though martial arts provide a fitter and healthier body, leaving it suddenly can make you stiff.  Many people join different clubs, or martial art schools not only for learning the art of self defense but also for many health benefits. In majority of cases, martial art is prescribed as a method of treatment for various ailments.

If one is able to perfect the mind-body relationship then he/she can go quite ahead in this field of martial art. Martial art now has been recognized as an Olympic sport. Dedication and hard work can take you to a greater height.  The Olympic game includes different forms like judo, boxing, fencing, taekwondo, wrestling etc.

Thus with all the above factors, martial art helps you in remaining fitter and healthier. So once you join this art, be regular at martial arts and enjoy its benefits.