Liquid Diets – Are They Safe For Your Health?

Liquid diets are those that help you to lose weight by consuming certain fluids almost the entire day or quite frequently on a daily basis. By allowing you to stay on fluids, liquid diets help you control calorie intake into your body. This article helps you to know about the details of liquid diets.

Liquid Diets – What Can You Eat Or Drink?

Under this type of diet, you replace all or some of your meals with juices or shakes which you have at least three to four times day. There are liquid diets under which you replace one or two meals with juices and then have a balanced diet for the rest of your meals. Sometimes, you’re allowed to eat snack-meals in between two meals. Although there are liquid diet programs sold over the counter, yet it is advisable that you consult a nutritionist before you start off with such a diet.

Are Liquid Diets Safe For You?

This type of diet is safe only when it provides you with the nutrients that are essential for your good health. However, if your liquid diet lacks in calories (that is, it provides just around 400-800 calories daily), then your body may be lacking in nutrients. This can lead to tiredness, hair loss, gallstones, constipation, cold and cough problems and even heart diseases.

Liquid diets are based upon taking in fewer calories. But you’ll lose weight only when you take in a fewer calories than what you burn off. To maintain this loss in weight, you’ll need to reduce your calorie intake drastically, which can result in health problems. So, what’s important is to have a balanced diet even though most of it may be liquids. You’ll also need to change your eating habits or else once you get back to your earlier food habits, you’ll regain weight.

Some liquid diets claim to be effective in detoxifying your body. However, there isn’t any such research which has proved it till now. What’s important is that your diet should provide 100% of the daily value of all nutrients and vitamins that have a positive effect on your health. If your liquid diet offers all such nutrients, it’ll hopefully work in your favor and not lead to side-effects in your body.