Loosen Up – The Importance of Stretching

We often think of doing stretches before a workout or just after it. However, sometimes stretching ca be beneficial even of you wake up in the morning or between your work routine. It is something which can be done when your muscles and joints feel sore and stiff. There are various kinds of stretches that you can do to loosen up and feel good. One of them is to stand erect with the feet slightly apart.

Lift your arms to shoulder length beside you. Slightly bend your knees and push your hands slightly backwards feeling a stretch to your shoulders. Standing in the same position stretch your arms out wide and place your hands on your shoulders. Your upper arm should be parallel t the floor. Now rotate your arms clockwise and anti clockwise at least ten times.

People who sit for long hours on the computer often find a stiffness in their shoulders and neck. A good exercise for this is to put both your hands behind and using one hand pull the other one. This will enable you to feel a stretch. Hold it for about fifteen counts and then do the next arm.

Back stretching is also very important. This also needs to be done standing in the same positions. Entwine your fingers and stretch them in front of you till you feel a stretch in your back muscles and shoulder muscles.

Even if you seem to be sitting at your desk for a long time, keep changing your leg positions and rotating your ankles and while sitting on the chair alternately lift your legs up and down. Some other important stretching exercises are to lie down flat on your stomach. Keep your hands beside you and lift your legs and shoulders off the ground. Your hands also should not be supporting the ground. You will feel a gentle stretch to your lower back. You can hold this for ten to twelve seconds and repeat it at least five times.

Most of these exercises can be done simply while you are waiting, or even sitting on a break. You do not need to be at the gym or take time out only for these.