Make Exercise A Part of Your Daily Routine

Our body is a machine that needs constant maintenance. There is no better way to energize the body other than exercising. Exercises not only benefit health by toning and shaping the body, but also give a feel good factor, self confidence and vitality. Physiologically, exercises triggers certain chemicals in the brain called endorphins that make us feel happy, peaceful and relaxed.

In order to make exercising fun and interesting, start with some simple exercises that you will like doing, at least 3 to 4 times a week, without long gaps. These exercises can be done for a short duration. This will ensure sustained interest than doing all exercises in one day, that too, once in a while.

Choose an exercise type that will suit your body. For example, if you are too lean, a weight training program may help you shape up your body or if you find that you need to improve flexibility of your body, then join a yoga course.

No matter which exercise schedule you choose to do, make sure that there are variations in it. This will keep you interested in exercising and give you the desired results. In case you don’t have enough variety to motivate you, exercise with a personal trainer or workout in a group, so that you start liking what you do.

No matter which form of exercise you do, it should help you to be peaceful and make you feel good. Swimming, long distance bicycling, trekking and dance exercises will help you feel great and clear your mind from stress.

Playing outdoor games are also a great way to begin exercises. Since the mind will be on the game you may not feel the strain of exercise. It is a wonderful way of catharsis especially for people locked up indoors because of their occupation.

Always build up exercise duration, intensity and form of exercise from a basic to an advance level gradually. Keep a health goal that you can fulfill through exercise within a definite time frame. For example, you can decide to resolve your asthma problem through yoga or decide to tone your body by joining a gym.

It is not necessary to invest heavily in gym equipments to begin exercising. All you need is a strong will to begin and sustain something that will benefit you lifelong.