Massage & Stretching Benefits After A Workout

Massage & Stretching Benefits After A Workout Having a fit & an athletic body is now a days not only in fashion but also call of the day. Our lifestyle has changed; spending more time indoors on television or computers, snacking, junk food & canned food, dependency on machines etc. Are some examples of our changed habits which are certainly not beneficial.

Now a day’s not only athletes, sports persons or people in the show business have a fit body but general public is taking on exercise as a part of their daily routine. Everyone especially young people have started going to gym for those flat abs and toned body but how many of us realise that it doesn’t end with just those vigorous workouts.  It is important to take care of your body after you exercise then only your body will benefit.

There are several massage & stretching benefits after a workout, according to a scientific study doing 8 to 10 stretches twice per week will help your muscles to repair themselves and function well during the exercise and while resting. Similarly, massage elongates the muscles, improve its flexibility & prevent delayed onset of muscles.

Massage & Stretching Benefits After A Workout 

Let us look at some of the massage and stretching benefits after a workout to understand its importance:

Increased Flexibility

stretching and regular massage helps in returning the constricted muscles to their normal state thus releasing the muscular tension. It also increases the muscle flexibility which not only helps in future workouts but also improves many of our daily routine activities like bending, standing walking, & carrying items. For sports people it improves their speed, endurance & stamina.

Improved Blood Circulation

massage improves blood circulation in the body and as blood carries oxygen to all the body parts, muscle fatigue is delayed. Massage helps in bringing the blood to the tissue which helps in the recovery of the muscle from the damage caused by the exercise.

Massage & Stretching Benefits After A Workout

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Relives & Prevents Post Workout Pains

tight muscle leads to pain in the form of glutes, hamstrings & quads which can cause knee & hip soreness. Massage & stretching ease out these tight muscles which reduces or even eliminates soreness & also preventing future injury.

Enlarging The Range Of Motion

your muscle may not be working according to their natural range of motion due to some tight muscles. Massage & stretching helps in improving the flexibility & hence preventing future injury.

Eliminating Toxins From The Body

during workout body releases lactic acid which gets accumulated in the muscles hence causing soreness & early fatigue. Massage breaks down this lactic acid & prevent it from accumulating in the body thus eliminating toxins from the body.

Psychological Benefits

workout needs a lot of energy as well as huge effort on your part which can also lead to mental fatigue. Massage therapy is a relaxing way to overcome the mental stress which can also act as a reward for all that hard work put in place. It will also improve the quality of your sleep which will give you stamina for the next day. It is important to know that strenuous exercise causes great damage to the tissues including inflammation, small tears in the tissue & lactic acid build-up.

Massage & stretching helps in quick recovery of muscles, infact studies have shown that regular massage & stretching helps in controlling the blood pressure & resting of the heart rates which in turn add as many as 6 years to a persons life span. So, next time when your personal trainer instruct you to do stretching before the exercise don’t forget to tell him the importance of post workout stretches & massage also.

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