Menopause – Deal with It

Menopause is a term that causes much confusion in the mind of every woman. The most common problem during menopause is Hot flush. Hot flush is a state in which the body gets too heated that you literally feel that there is fire with in you.

Along with excessive heat restlessness can also be felt; which causes sleepless nights. This can go on for two years since the time of starting of menopause. It is advised to wear cotton clothes and have a cold shower before going to bed.

There is no constant age for menopause; still one can get it from the age of 30 to 65. One can feel extreme mood swings when you are approaching menopause. Anxiety could be the reason for this. Your body is going through changes and people around you are not aware of this, it makes you anxious unhappy and jittery. So it is better if you talk about it to your friends or your partner, to feel at ease.

Weight gain is another effect of menopause. Due to the unbalancing of hormones, fat starts getting accumulated around the waist, and the voice gets heavier. Your metabolism rate slows down so you don’t burn as much calories as you used to, leading to weight gain.

Avoid eating high calorie food, cold drinks, and sweets and start eating high fiber food. Exercising or brisk walking is also beneficial to brave problems related to menopause. Women also complain of strained sexual relations with their partners during menopause. The skin sheath of your private parts tends to become thinner, as you enter menopause.

Also, you become more prone to infection. This makes intercourse, a painful experience. One more problem is that you don’t discharge much liquid. Meaning, even if you are in the mood to make out you do not get enough lubrication in your vagina. This causes greater friction while having intercourse, making it painful for both, you and your partner.

This eventually leads to slowdown the frequency of making out. Seductive and prolonged foreplay can be really useful in this regard, as it will help in enticing you. Use a good lubricant, like vaginal gel, to enjoy sex and intimacy with your partner, like before.

Menopause is just a phase in a woman’s life, so just be strong, keep moving and don’t ever “pause” in life!