Narcolepsy: The Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy is a type of sleep disorder for which, the people suffering from this disorder, feel sleepy at daytime when they ought not to feel sleepy. The symptoms of this disease are excessive fatigue and falling asleep frequently. People fell asleep sometimes at offices, sometimes at schools and colleges.

Some times people, thing that narcolepsy and insomnia are same type of disorder. But it is not. Both are sleep disorder but causes are different. Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder. This disorder disturbs our natural ability of sleeping and wakefulness. For this reason we feel drowsy all the time. But insomnia is lack of sleep at night and for this reason people feel drowsy all day long.

Narcolepsy can be happened at any age. But people, age between 15-25 is prone to this disease. At this time all those narcolepsy symptoms – poor concentration, lack of energy, mental cloudiness, loss of memory, depressed mood, exhaustion,etc. hampers the normal life and become the obstacle in the path of success.

Most of the time the disease remains undetected and untreated. People suffering from disorder for a long time lose the power of speech because of loss of voluntary muscle control. The result is slurred speech. Sometimes the body collapses and hallucination occurs when the condition becomes critical. So diagnosis of narcolepsy in proper time is necessary. So young man suffers from this disease should take professional help as early as possible.

The real cause of this disease is still unknown. Some research shows that there is a hormone called hypocretin in our brain. It helps to stimulate our brain and to response. But when adequate hypocretin hormone is not secreted, our brain fails to do normal work of life. Different types of infection, autoimmune system, and stress and strain are responsible for the poor secretion of the hormone. Narcolepsy is a chronic and lifelong condition.

Though you may not cure it completely you can keep it under control with proper medication. There is no such fixed time of curing. Response to medicine differs from person to person. Moreover the time and type of treatment depend on the severity of treatment. Along with medicine a healthy diet and regular exercise is necessary to stay good.