Natural Cure For Candida

The most well known root of Candida over growth is the excessive use of antibiotic.  Doctors mainly recommend antibiotics, but they don’t inform you that it can destroy the positive flora present in your intestine, resulting in an environment where other parasites, pathogens and Candida can takeover.

Other health problems that are related with the Candida over growth are chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, allergies, depression, fibromyalgia, depression and many more.

Apart from the antibiotics the other causes include steroid drugs use, which suppress your immune system, consuming high sugar as well as refined carbohydrates like pasta and white bread, etc. There are number of ways through which you can cure this infection. Natural cure is best for this infection as they don’t have any side effects.

About Candida

Candida is a well-known term used for Candidiasis or Candida over growth.  It was first identified in 1970s by some American physicians. An average quantity of Candida is present in everyone, without causing any damage or harm, but if given freedom it can grow unchecked.

For example, by wiping-out the surrounding bacteria along with broad spectrum antibiotics, it can change easily into its fungal form, as well as can spore through intestinal wall in the parts of the body. Once through it create disturbances in your body by producing multiple symptoms. It lives in your intestines, where it fights with bacteria.

For example, bacteria are aerobic, which means they require oxygen to survive. This infection can survive even without oxygen by converting itself into a fungal aerobic form.

It spreads quickly in regions which are vacated by the bacteria that are dead, putting down its roots in the intestines walls, and spreading through your gut wall to the other parts of the body. It decomposes the cell membranes and provides food to other microbes, mainly the parasites that can infest your bodies.

Symptoms That You Should Be Aware Of

It is a yeast infection which results by the over growth of an unfriendly bacteria in your body. Its symptoms includes a vaginal yeast disease in women, and joint pain in women or men, depression, weight gain or loss, chronic fatigue, general malaise and mental fogginess. It is generally the result of over consumption of foods that contain yeast like bread, beer, cheese and pizza that has mold on the ring.

Exposure to dirty environments can contribute in increasing the Candida infection.Taking antibiotics can also increase this infection since; antibiotics kill the friendly flora present in the gut, which actually fight against this infection.

It can disrupt your endocrine system and result in symptoms like weight loss or weight gain, menstrual irregularities, asthma, chronic tiredness, muscle fatigue, and joint pains. Testing normally reveals mineral, enzyme and vitamin deficiencies and decrease in blood sugar.

Natural Cures

Candida lives naturally in digestive tract, skin and in the colon. Sometimes this yeast like fungus expands internally, which leads to muscle and joint pain, headaches and autoimmune diseases.  An over use of antibiotics can spur the over growth of this infection.

There are many natural cures; it is even great to use a mixture of different natural remedies. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits can be used for cleaning extra Candida from the body. These kinds of foods include digestive enzymes which can kill this fungus.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, which promote maintenance of healthy cell. Both are even known to build phagocytosis in the white-blood cells. This allows the white-blood cells for purifying the blood, as well as remove un-healthy or diseased red-blood cells. Red-blood cells contain toxins, parasite and fungus.

Vegetables and fruits can even alkalize the body. This builds a hostile environment for plenty of parasites and fungus, which can infect your body in a Candida outbreak. Common fruits and vegetables included for juicing are carrots, pineapples, bananas, cucumbers, grapefruit, and oranges.

Try blending different fruits and vegetables and drink their juices. This way your body will better assimilate different nutrients.  Eat canned and frozen vegetables, but most of the enzymes get lost while cooking.

Spices, Teas And Herbs

A number of spices, teas and herbs are different natural cures for curing Candida.  There are many herbal teas that can easily kill all systemic fungus, as well as improve your immunity.

Another strong yeast and fungus killer is garlic.  Garlic is even an antiseptic which can heal colon walls inflammation, which is caused through Candida over growth. Try eating garlic cloves regularly for curing extra Candida.

Other spices, teas and herbs include ginger, aloe leaves, and cayenne pepper is effective too. Start with these treatments to cure the problem of Candida. Garlic and tea make an effective mixture for natural cure of this infection.


Probiotics are some friendly bacteria, which can replace natural bacteria that get lost while fighting against Candida over growth. It can kill the extra fungus as well as improve your immune level.

You can get probiotics in any of the health store. They are especially designed to survive stomach acids. This makes sure that they can reach to your large and small intestines. Probiotics help in curing your problem of Candida.

Oregano Oil

Apart from the other natural remedies for Candida, Oregano oil is also a great remedy for this infection. Oregano oil is also a strong anti-fungal agent that has been used for a long time period.  This herb even treats different illnesses including, coughs and flu, amongst others.

Oregano oil is potent, thus you should combine it along with few water drops, before consuming it. Do remember that taking Oregano oil in large amount is not recommended, because it can result in many other problems like abnormal mucous development in mucous membranes.

There are number of natural remedies provided by nature, for curing the issues of Candida or over growth of yeast. By your own trial and error you must be able to find the natural cure, to solve the problems of Candida that suits you best. Going online is the best way to get more information on the natural cure for Candida.