Natural Remedies to Reduce Your Cholesterol

Heart disease is no more the occasional one occurring in person above 50. Heart disease due to various factors has become an epidemic of sort causing largest number of deaths per year. Even the young people are becoming victim of heart disease.

High cholesterol level is on of the main factors for heart attack or block. People spend huge sum of money for doctor visit, gym, and medicines to get rid of their high cholesterol. There is good news for such people, now you can lower your cholesterol at home by some of the effective natural remedies.

Higher cholesterol level enhances the chances of heart disease, so some home remedies or natural remedies are discussed below which will help to prevent and lower your cholesterol level:

More physical activity

More physical activity does not mean to visit gym only. It can be anything from a walk, jogging, swimming or even avoid lift (to use that much needed staircase!) .Health experts states that walking for even half an hour per day significantly reduces your chances of heart attack.

Prepare a list of anti cholesterol diets: Consult your dietician to prepare a comprehensive list of foods which helps to prevent and lower cholesterol levels and include them to your daily diet. For example, garlic has properties to make blood layer thin and reduces harmful lipoproteins.

  • By eating one garlic per day, you can reduce chances of heart attack by 12-15%.Eat fish at least thrice per week (they contain omega acids which protects blood vessels).
  • Do not include the skin of poultry while cooking: Be cautious not to eat the skin and wing of the poultry as they contain harmful fats.
  • Lower your salt intake: High dosage of sodium or common salt in your diet is not good for your heart. So try to reduce the intake of salt in your diet.
  • Reduce high fat dairy products: High fat products like cheese, cream, and butter should be avoided and you should try to switch to low fat products such as yoghurt and skimmed milk.
  • Lifestyle: Two basic factors of high cholesterol are erratic lifestyle and lack of sleep. Fix a time for your meals (even if your work in a 24×7 environment) and do not include junk foods in your meals. Try to sleep at least 8 hours per day.
  • Say no to alcohol and cigarettes: Reduce alcohol intake and leave your cigarette buuts. It kills!