Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

One can control his/her diabetes by bringing a few modifications in the diet plan by including the below listed food items in their diet:


You can use Fenugreek seeds or its leaves and prepare dishes from it. It is suggested to soak one teaspoon of its seeds in water for the whole night. Sift it and sip it once you wake up in the morning. You an also sip it with the seeds. This will help in lowering down the blood sugar level.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is an excellent home medication for diabetes. Take one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, and ½ teaspoon of roasted bay leaf. Consume this mixture an hour prior to dinner and lunch. This will also help in lowering down the sugar level.

Bitter gourd

If you are a type 2 diabetic patient, then you should sip a glass of bitter gourd juice every day once you wake up in the morning. The bitter gourd assists in reducing blood sugar levels.

Mango leaves

Simmer 5-6 mango leaves. Keep these leaves in the water for the whole night. Sift the water and sip it prior to your breakfast. Mango leaves can be easily obtained. Remember do not forget to clean the leaves before boiling.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves also assist in controlling diabetes. Take 10-15 basil leaves and crush them. Now immerse them in a glass of water for the night and sip the filtered combination in the morning. On the other hand, you can also chew some basil leaves as well.


Cinnamon can also assist in lowering the blood sugar levels. It is particularly beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes. In research, it has been found that cinnamon is rich in a compound called MHCP, which is a water-soluble polyphenol that controls the blood sugar level.

Other herbal remedies include such as Gymnema, Bilberry, Dandelion, bitter lemon, panax ginseng, garlic, and goldenseal.

Do not take up more than one of these medications in a day. Otherwise, it may lower your sugar level too a great extent and you may perhaps grow to be hypoglycemic. Therefore, pursue one of these remedies on a regular basis to control the disease.