Nutrition Care for Brides to be

Marriage day is a big day for women and to make it perfect, it is essential to take a good care of yourself. Going for fad diets or pills for a quick weight loss is something that we see brides doing normally. But before wedding, it may not only be dangerous to health but it also gives you bad ideas of losing weight even after marriage so don’t do it.

Proper nutrition is essential otherwise person would suffer from severe health losses. Joining a health club is a good option for women as it helps her get a whole list of nutrition and exercise level that she requires. Also, with the help of dietitians and nutritionist, she would help herself get a better lifestyle and well balanced diet plan.

At least 6 months before marriage, she must start following cardio exercises regimen and strength training for about an hour every day so as to lose weight and balance health. Following a good meal plan is essential as well. She should take heavy breakfast, light lunch and dinner. You must know that healthy weight loss is about losing a pound in a week.

More that that can be harmful. Set the goal of weight loss and workout accordingly for that. If you wish to have a long lasting weight loss, then try to eat nutritional food and in less quantity. Divide the number of meals that you take in a day to 8 and eat small portions of food in it. choose to eat leaner, lower fat meat and good dairy products.

Incorporate more fruits and raw vegetables as much as you can to have good stamina and strength. Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine as they create health hazards. Always keep a bottle of fresh water with you wherever you go out. It is essential to keep the skin and body hydrated to keep them look perfect.

Try taking health supplements of calcium, proteins, iron, etc so as to improve your body nutrition level. Pick up all these healthy lifestyle tips and follow them for lifetime to look great forever.