Nutritional values of citrus fruits

The nutritional properties in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapes, mikan are unrivalled to fight chronic health problems. Researches have shown that citrus are the source of minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers that are essentials for the development and growth. Besides, the taste and flavors of citrus fruits are something to die for.

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen which is essential for the skin, dentin, ligaments, tendons, bones and blood vessels. Also, vitamin C is the key element to reduce stress and anaemia. As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects the immune system from fatal diseases such as cancer, cataract formation and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C deficiency in the body can even cause scurvy, a chronic gum disease.

The consumption of citrus fruits increases the level of carbohydrates the main energy yielding nutrient in the body. The simple carbohydrates glucose, fructose and sucrose   provide energy body functions. Citric acid of these fruits contains non-starch polysaccharides, commonly known as dietary fiber which is important for Health benefits.

The daily requirement of potassium is 2000mg. The potassium maintains the acid and water balance of the body. Also, it controls the blood pressure. And by drinking citrus fruit juice you can increase the production level of folate which is a water soluble vitamin required for the growth.

There is a consensus after numerous researches that citrus fruits play a major protective role in cancer. Also, Studies have shown that orange juice tends to lower the homocysteine to decrease the cardiovascular disease.One of the serious nutrient related public health problems is anaemia which can cause due to eating disorder, impaired psychomotor development, decreased cognitive function and poor growth. But not to worry, citrus fruits rich in nutritious value can prevent the devastating consequences of anaemia.

The minerals of lemon juice helps repair the immune system by warding off ailments like soar throat and cold. On empty stomach drink a glass of water after adding 2-3 spoon lemon juice which is considered to be an internal cleanser. Lemon flushes out unnecessary toxic elements. Even the dried version of another citrus fruit, grapes confer nutritional values like raisins. Raisin plays an important role to maintain the bone health. It also promotes healthy teeth and gums.

So, start eating lots of citrus fruits from tomorrow to be fit and healthy.

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